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We Are Change: Senator Lindsey Graham Questioned on Drones

At CPAC 2013, WeAreChange questioned Senator Lindsey Graham on Obama's Disposition Matrix (kill list) and the ability to use drone strikes on American citizens.


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Imagine that.

Lyndsey Graham has more respect for citizen journalists than some others we know that got where they are by the very grassroots they abhor.


if the excuse "we were just following orders" did not work for the Nazis, why should it work for these people who are happy to kill innocent people and term them "collateral damage" ?
i hope his ass gets droned !

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

notice the tactic graham is

notice the tactic graham is using .. he knows this is a losing argument as more questions are asked. graham said please let me finish as he continues to walk hastily to his car ... where no further questions can be asked ... such as

who gets to decide who an enemy combatant is?
what criteria defines an enemy combatant? etc etc ...

all questions that he would have to admit that he is wrong on ... OR he could define those things within the limits of logic reason and the constitution and his whole position would be compromised .... this is a neocon for you ..


All paper money eventually returns to its real intrinsic value, zero. - Voltaire

When he brought up

the Nazis, why not just ask him: "Congress declared war against Germany in WWII, why did they not declare war this time around?" How can he say he thinks the law of war should be applied if we have not declared a war?

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” – Dresden James

We are at war with a thought

We are at war with a thought experiment. An idea, An intangible illusion. The boogyman. God help us, we have crazy people running our country.

Graham is an enemy combatant

He's at war with the U.S. Constitution.
His mind is a perpetual battlefield that destroys the Bill of Rights.
He views the Commander in Chief as Tyrant in Chief.
Providence should be as merciful to Sen. Graham.

He believes a lie

The "we are at war" is a lie that has been perpetuated on the American people for the past decade.
Mr. Graham has swallowed that line "hook, line, and sinker"...so sad that he is in the Congress. I can only hope the people of South Carolina, yeah I know, the ones that booed the "golden rule" will wake up and kick this P.O.S. to the curb and give him his walking papers. But, that's a long-shot, given that S.C. is knee deep in entitlements and the military.
Sad to see this coming from S.C....where the shot that started the civil war began.
Mr. Graham just keep on keepin on with your B.S. logic, we need to follow what Dr. Paul was trying to tell people like Graham, McCain, and others. Sad, too many Americans who think they are free and free to think for themselves believes this Bullshit too.
That's what's wrong with the country.

At least

He took the questions. I am surprised that he did.


Lindsay Graham

is very lost on this issue. The problem is that if the laws don't apply because America is a "war zone", than laws will never apply because the neocons want us in war FOREVER. With Grahams logic, Al Qaeda could have infiltrated congress, so we should search them without probable cause and put them in jail without a trial. Once they do that, then I'll take him seriously.

wearechange, for the worse

I cringe every time I hear the slanted questions, the pushy interview style, and the unreasoned reactions of the wearechange reporters. Can you please do an internship or something? You're hurting the cause by your caustic methods...


Although, I do admit that they have toned down quite a bit over the last months/year. I definitely agree that the members of wearechange should get some formal training. Don't get me wrong, I still appreciate what they do.. I just think they could still do what they do more effectively.

Yes because modern journalism

Yes because modern journalism training is serving us so well at getting out the truth.

Collateral Damage Or Murder?

If you target one person in a group of 20, and intentionally drop a bomb on them to kill the one person knowing you are killing the other 20 as well, is that collateral damage or murder?

These are the questions to ask to expose the recklessness of these policies... Are these "good" and "just" policies?

After Watching "The Ring Of Power"

I have come to the conclusion that nothing we do or think is going to fix anything until those of us who are "awake" REALLY wake up! If you want to know where I am coming from watch the documentary "The Ring of Power" It gives a whole new meaning to NWO. If you are too set in your ways then just keep keeping on the way you are. I for one would rather KNOW what's what and try to adapt.


There is no deceleration of

There is no deceleration of war. A few people in government don't get to decide the USA is at war. You can't win a war against a tactic.

Does anyone have the phone number for the headquarters of The Base?(Al-Qaeda in Arabic)
I wonder if they mail out applications for membership?

I think the liberty movement

should elect a legitimate president (no registration, paper ballots, public view) and then that legitimate president can put this guy on our list of enemy combatants.

People are getting put on these lists because they are STANDING UP FOR THEMSELVES in court. This guy is an ATTORNEY and he works for the BAR association (Crown Corporation of London subsidiary).

"Paper terrorists" are supposedly people who clog up the courts with paperwork. How can someone commit violence with a PIECE OF PAPER?

His whole answer was that the people who will be targeted

have to trust the commander in chief. He also states that he beileves we are in a perpetual never ending state of war and the president is a dictator during war time.

What a huge looser scum liar.

Show me the declaration of war issued by congress. If they ever really investigate 911 they will go to jail. Its all BS with these criminals.


Lindsey Graham.. you have recreated the Nazi SS in America

And you worship Obama as your corporate socialist leader.

You have given up due process and law.

And given your life over to an undocumented dictator who respects not the constitutional constraints placed on both him and on yourself as a senator and military reservist general.

Lindsey Graham is a dangerous usurper made in the image of many ruthless foreign military death squads before his.

This bloodthirsty army officer seeks to profit off the lives and at the expense of many who have done him and America no harm.

Then he seeks to point to their anger (at him and at us) as an excuse to expand his murderous and oppressive plan.

Blowback is the fuel that drives Lindsey Graham, John McCain and their undocumented commander and chief.

What war

are 'we at', Graham? I cannot recall reading/hearing that news--the news that CONGRESS had declared war!!!

Ethical military? Really?

O.P.O.G.G. - Fighting the attempted devolution of the rEVOLution
Ron Paul 2012...and beyond

So as long as we are "at war"...

...it's okay to suspend the Bill of Rights and to have martial law, and allow one man, having no allegiance to the Constitution, to decide on whether you or I die because he SAYS we are a terrorist?

Is that right, Mr. Graham?

Yes, that's what I'm saying. But we are an ethical, moral military and we'd never do that. I can vouch for them!

I feel much better. Now that I hear one criminal vouch for and highly recommend another criminal for the right to kill because he says so, that just brings me total peace of mind, knowing that my government is loving and has my best interests in mind.

Thank you, Mr. Graham. You are a bastion of integrity and the defender of the people's rights. Thank you.

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford

Sounded to me that he was

Sounded to me that he was throwing Obama under the bus for it.....

How do you win the war on

How do you win the war on terror.

How to win the war on terror?

Arresting usrpers like Obama and Graham would be a good start.

That's the part he (conveniently) "left out"

I believe [whatever] because we're at war. Yes, a war that is not clearly definable and so there's no end-game. In other words, government will infringe on people's rights (including the right-to-life) indefinitely.

I know

They are essentially saying that they have totalitarian powers and they will keep those powers until they say differently.