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Considering what is at stake

This began as a comment to this post~ http://www.dailypaul.com/278646/forget-taxes-lets-talk-about... ~ but it apparently had a life all its own...

Concerning all the Sovereignty and UCC stuff....

Considering what is at stake....each and every one of us who are even partially awake to WTF is really goin' on has to decide for him/her self what steps we are willing to take.

I have read everything I could find concerning sovereignty... both of Badnarik's books (the new one is pretty good), all of the FMOTL stuff, the Croft book, the Preamble as a Trust instrument stuff (the last outpost), i mean seriously, it goes on and on... and some of it is very compelling.

At the same time, some of it seems to be quite a stretch, if being sovereign (and not under any jurisdiction except for common law) is what some of those guys (writing all of those articles) really believe is the way to go... then how can you turn right around on the same damn blog and get into filing a UCC-1 FS to take 'possession' of your strawman... if you're above their game, the why the heck would you turn around and try to play their game again?

Sounds like an easy way to get all the stupid sobs who need to be rounded up to drop their name in the hat voluntarily....

I am far from an expert, but Ive been over it multiple times.. Ive emailed folks who are supposed to be very knowledgeable about it all(Adask), and asked a simple question, to find that they don't even know all that much.... no actually he side-stepped my question completely... and said a whole lot of nothing....

I wouldn't discourage anyone, ever, from acting according to what they can reason for themselves. the brass tacks of the matter is that every single case will have a different result. you may walk in there and get sh|t dismissed right before i walk in there and get my &ss handed to me... but one thing is for damn sure... they will NEVER let any precedent be set if anyone in there is on the right track... period! because it would open the floodgates.

I just want to be LEFT THE F#CK ALONE, but it doesn't look like ANYBODY will have that luxury as this thing slowly comes apart... if you haven't read the Creature from Jekyll Island, I encourage you to. NOW.. it isn't just the same material as End the FED... Griffin also gets into the international aspects of it all (WorldBank/IMF/BIS), what has already transpired as well as what we have to look forward to... and if you doubt the 'conspiracy theory' of a ruling elite establishing a global government then your eyes are truly closed or you're a moron.

this sh#t is going to continue to move forward... that's all there is to it.... and anyone who thinks things can be fixed from inside the system needs to ask Kennedy how that worked out for him... they worked too long and hard to establish this pure fiat... give the people a sound silver currency? yea right... he signed his own death warrant when he signed that executive order.

what i dont like here lately is that quite a few of the people that folks still get their hope from seem to me like wolves in sheeps clothing... otherwise known as controlled opposition....

Alex rails all day that '911 was an inside job'... and so many people just waking up listen to him religiously,but he wont interview Alan Sabrosky who was Director of Studies for the Army War College for 5 years... because of what he has to say... http://theuglytruth.podbean.com/2010/03/14/the-ugly-truth-po...

even David Icke will lay the blame where it is deserved... http://www.davidicke.com/articles/political-manipulation-mai...

all the dem/lefties that were wiggin out over war and torture when bush was eye-hole deep in it shut the f#ckup when their manchurian candidate won and then went even further than bush had... they were all brought back into the fold quite nicely...

and as much as i hate to say it.. Rand already stabbed us all in the heart when he went Mitt.. riding the fence... gonna' change it from inside the establishment my @ss... i think i covered that already...

so in 2016 if he leads all the liberty minded people back into the fold of the GOP, and then has to sit there and do WTF he is told or else.... THEN WHAT?

what does Lew Rockwell say about voting? Dr. Paul swears by him, but Lew says quit voting, you're just playing their game. it cant be changed from the inside!


... http://youtu.be/j8sePb3SHFg ...

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What can you do?

Perhaps the best thing we can do is each purchase as many copies of "The Most Dangerous Superstition" by Larken Rose as we can and hand them out like candy.

Of course, maybe you can't even get enough people to read. I have some friends who try to hand out books with important information, and their friends simply respond that "Gee, there are a lot of pages in that book." I sure wish they weren't drinking in the propaganda stream on TV.

I think it's more or less correct that working from inside is not going to be effective. Perhaps we make essentially no progress until we get enough people to simply look at the tyrants in uniform (of whatever sort) and laugh at their delusion.

Disclosure: I have no connection to Larken Rose. I just read his book.

P.S. I think the format changed and now there is an enormous banner/button for posting new comments. It was so big that I couldn't find it, which explains the curious post below.


UCC is a mistake. I don't think anyone should mess with UCC. As far as avoiding any of your questions... I'm right here... fire away.

As to your comment about sovereignty and it possibly being some sort of "hoax" perhaps these decisions of the Supreme Court would be helpful in cutting through the noise.


Adask is not a law buff... IMO which is likely why they chose him for the 20 mins spot.


This space intentionally made blank.


i didn't ask you any questions or think you were avoiding me? and i don't think sovereignty is a hoax...

far from it, what i actually have come to believe is that they have subverted the original trust with the 14th amendment us citizenship and established a secondary inferior trust (civil rights).

I am a free texan! they can shove their 14th amend citizenship where the sun dont shine... i wasn't trying to side with you or smudge... just trying to say that its each individuals choice what actions they should take.

Think for yourself......Question authority...

Thanks For The Mention Moridin :

Rod did Us a great favor by collecting and posting Bun's Trust essays and encouraging Us to get the whole presentation out.


Not to mention hosting some of the raw video at his expense;


As well as the video generated by her first revelations of The BUCK ACT, for which she received essentially no other recognition.


I'm just puzzled that nobody seems to understand the impact of their "Rights" being Personal Property exempt from the Public Trust.

Such is life.

The Constitution is a Trust : http://www.The-Legacy.Info

hey no problem.. im just glad i found it...

i couldn't get the video streams to play, but there's plenty of reading with interesting insight i hadn't come across anywhere else...

Think for yourself......Question authority...

The Vid Streams are a Little Wonkey Sometimes :

To your question on sending notice, in a word, no.

Claiming Status is not a passive endeavour, nor a One Size Fits All. “Belligerent Claimant” is the term of Art. Also key is offering to “Return Benefits Received in Error”. If you've ever exercised a Franchise like Voting or Drivers License or Business License, you are presumed to know what you were doing. Just sending them back and withdrawing from the Polls isn't enough. Heck, most people don't know they are permanently registered as Voters in whatever District(s) they've ever registered in, without formally withdrawing “Consent”.

Fortunately there is claiming “Mistake” and offering to make them whole. Never got an accounting on what We needed to return. Never heard from the alphabet agencies again actually. Was looking forward to giving back their “Benefit of the Law”. They just never told me what it was I needed to return. Of course charging Breach of Trust and Conversion of Property to Another Use might have been too much for their Lawyers to handle.

Howard Griswold is the only individual I'm aware of working toward putting the Trust and responsibility for Trustees Fiduciary Duties in proper perspective.

Hope you find his work interesting.



The Constitution is a Trust : http://www.The-Legacy.Info