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Ron Paul Delivers: One of a Kind, Hand Painted. Own a Piece of the Revolution!

This banner is made from recycled billboard material which is how we did the large scale banner project (Youtube: Ron Paul banners New Hampshire).

It is hand painted, one of a kind and signed by the artist. There are eight grommets for easy and secure hanging.

This banner has seen action for five years including being featured in numerous articles (Google Image search: Ron Paul baby).

Proceeds will go to support our libertarian community center located in New Hampshire where we rocked the Ron Paul campaign in both 08' and 12' (Youtube: Ron Paul laser).

Give this piece of history a safe home. Thank you for bidding.


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Just curious about this painting...

Is this THE ORIGINAL painting or illustration of any format, of this well known picture!?

The announcement above refers to:

"...This banner is made from ...", and "...It is hand painted, one of a kind... signed by the artist...", and "...This banner has seen action for five years including being featured in numerous articles...", and "... Give this piece of history...".

From none of these references can a buyer conclude with accuracy that this is the original work of this picture!

On the other hand every sentence could also be true if referring to a singular painting of the original picture!

Which is it? Is this the original picture by the original artist of the picture?

It is not clear. Just asking. Thank you.

Alright, high bidder!

WEll, I don't expect to end up with it, but right now I am the high bidder at just over $200.

WEll, that didn't last long!! lol

I already maxed out.

Just to clarify

Is this painted on the banner or printed? Iconic image, very nicely done.

He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from oppression.
Frontline: The Untouchables

RP Delivers!

Man, what a great illustration! I just loved this one back then and love even today. It was and is my favorite image. Sell it, make that money, guys! Heck, if you don't mind my saying, make more of 'em and sell more of 'em! But I suppose this banner will be worth the most because it was in not just one but both campaigns/wars. Make money, guys!

Two, perhaps an idea someone can capitalize on financially: Sculptures of this image -- a garden gnome? The Ron Paul garden gnome! lol. It would be sweet, I'm tellin' ya! Hey, maybe it could be the first gnome in a series of gnomes with each gnome bearing a sourced quote of the libertarian engraved at the bottom of (not underneath) the gnome's frontside. If not the bottom, then elsewhere, even if it's on the brim of a hat or on a lapel. Just make it readable when close to it and able to withstand the elements. The series' name could be Liberty Gnomes. lol.

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Almost 80 bucks

Cool and 7 days to go... looks promising.

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Bump, Really cool

Bump, Really cool

*Wisconsin Constitution* Article I, Section 25 "The people have the right to keep and bear arms for security,defense,hunting,recreation or any other law-abiding purpose"


Great image!! Good luck :P

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Bump - Good luck

Good luck with the sale.

He's the man.