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Email & video from Ron Paul - Audit the Fed

We stand today at the precipice of economic ruin.

While President Obama, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, and statist economists would have you believe the economy is recovering slowly, the reality is startling.

You should be worried.

I sure am!

So much so, that I jumped at this opportunity to contact you.

You see, a close friend of mine has prepared an urgent video that shines a light on this impending disaster and provides realistic steps you can take today to avoid it.

I hope you won't let this opportunity pass you by.

Take a moment and check it out by clicking here.


In Liberty,

Ron Paul

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Another petition?

Yeah that should probably work.

Why doesn't Ron/Rand Paul ever discuss electing honorable Sheriffs? Isn't a county election WAY EASIER to win than any other office? Wouldn't having a constitutional sheriff - just ONE - to set an example for the rest of the country, be a BOOM for Liberty?