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r3VOLution logo used at CPAC Ronald Reagan Dinner

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Every police department

is a private contractor.

Here's something that can help get this man's plan implemented by 2014:


William F Buckley & Phillis Shafely's faces about the

R3VOLution sign, hilarious. But it is an understandable mistake. When Reagan ran in the 70's, it was call "the Reagan Revolution" and its two leaders were, Buckley and Shafely.

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First thing I noticed...

what is Buckley's ugly face doing above this beloved logo.Adam should have commented.

what is

the song at the beginning its bugging me ;/ thanks!

Albert Camus — 'The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.'

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Reach out and touch a hand, make a friend if you can


Also done by the Oak Ridge Boys.

(Who I believe that may have been on the stage in the video.)

Annnnnd ...

.. the attempted co-opting and assimilation into the borg hive begins.


people love logos and slogans

people love logos and slogans. I'll admit I will always have a warm spot for the R3VOLUTION logo. Means a lot to everyone. I'm sure some people feel the same about Stand with Rand! as a Republi CAN.

We can't help it. We are American TV Marketing babies.

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You can bet that will disappear in the 2016 CPAC.

It's just a temporary butt smooch to suck people in.

Beware of the old bait and switch.

Open arms now while nothing is happening, right back to RNC corruption and shenanigans as usual in 2016 when they railroad the liberty candidates out of the way and ram another establishment crony up everyone's nose as a nominee.

In fact I'm betting Rubio at this time.

It seems the media and magazines are already polishing and prepping a serving of Rubio.

yup yup yup



thats a surprise !!

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions


Adam is having a great time.

Blasphemy for being right

Blasphemy for being right under WFB's face.

Southern Agrarian


What, you think Skull & Bones skulduggery via spook-state crypto-fascism is incompatible with a truly free society?