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I'm Getting Really Sick of the "Paulites" on Here

I'm Getting Really Sick of the "Paulites" on Here

There are a lot of bandwagon posers on this site who try to claim ownership of the Liberty Truth movement but when a real issue that comes up on this site that is not mainstream news they try to dismiss it as "bad for the movement." Well I have news for you.

Look up the Fairness Doctrine that was repealed by the so called great president Reagan. Guess what. There hasn't been real news on mainstream television for probably over 30 years. We have been bamboozled folks by the government, the banks and the federal reserve to name a few. That is what Ron and Rand Paul are all about. They know what is going on but the genius of their game plan is that they don't come out and state the obvious.

Well now that we have freedom of information with the help of the internet we must look into the issues and sort them out and that means talking about conspiracies and the obvious lies. A conspiracy is just a hidden secret and our government hides many of them. So wake up and read all material even past Ron Paul and the liberty movement. Here is a list of topics and sites you should get familiar with:


The Rockefellers
GMOs / Monsanto
Phony Wars
Big Pharma
Peak Oil
MK Ultra
Underground Cities/Tunnels
The Federal Reserve
Secret Societies
Skull and Bones
Bohemian Grove
Republican Fascism
The Moon
The Creature From Jekyll Island
FEMA camps




People: (look them up and watch them speak on youtube)

Kurt Kallenbach
Alex Jones
G. Edward Griffin
Graham Hancock
Jim Marrs
Jeff Rense
Webster G. Tarpley
Kerry Cassidy
Bill Ryan
Mike Rivero
Aaron McCollum
David Wilcock
Richard Dolan
Jordan Maxwell
Andy Lloyd
A'shayana Deane
Duncan O'Finioan
Steven Greer, Dr.
Sean David Morton
George Green
Nassim Haramein
Richard C. Hoagland

These topics and sites are all part of the movement people. Its time to wake up and end the selective programming caused by this site and its naysayers. Lets get started, most of you have a lot of reading and watching to do. And stay away from the shills like Fox news, CNN, MSNBC Glenn Beck, Jack Hunter and that disgrace to the human race, Ann Coulter.

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No its not rude or

No its not rude or condescending, you are just choosing to view it that way.

You know what I suspect

you are being an ass on purpose to turn people off from investigating these things, reverse psychology, shame on you.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

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I was just about to say the same thing


Mr. OP, if you're really interested in changing people's minds, you might read that Dale Carnegie book, How to Win Friends and Influence People. Seriously.

That being said, most all of the people you mentioned can be found here on the site.

Just the other day, I found this Graham Hancock video to be most interesting:


I read Fingerprints of the Gods years ago. I had no idea he was a wake and baker.

That being said - all the information is here. And when people are ready, they will find it.

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. - Alan Watts

Graham Hancock

Does DMT too. I met him at a conference and he's a brilliant guy.

I loved that book "Fingerprints of the Gods"

which has lead me to some DVD's titled "Ancient Aliens" I think it is a history channel thing but Wow,Wow,Wow we are buying every season and it is the most interesting thing I have watched in years.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

They're interesting.

Honestly, though, they never seem to back up their assertions very much. Their reasoning generally amounts to "This is big, old and impressive. By virtue of being big, old and impressive, this was clearly built by aliens," or, "This involves flying flaming things, and thus it is OBVIOUSLY talking about alien spaceships."

I find it far more amusing than informative, but it's good entertainment.

Those are on Youtube

Most of the ancient aliens are on youtube. Yeah...they are interestig to watch!

My favorites are the ghost ones on youtube...lol

Your demand is rejected.

Get over yourself.

"The problem with trying to child-proof the world, is that it makes people neglect the far more important task of world-proofing the child." -- Hugh Daniel


You a paid Zionist shill?

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Friend your not helping yourself

with this kind of behavior.

Are you more interested in being right, or in actually changing things?

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. - Alan Watts

Ordering people around does

Ordering people around does not work with the liberty minded and is offensive, so you get a -1 from me. Among the best things people can do is run for local office if they can stomach it and/or spread the message.

Run for office? Good luck

Run for office? Good luck with that? Did you see what the GOP did to Ron Paul? When pigs fly.

opposed to spending your days

making threads complaining about people who don't believe in your lists of conspiracies...that's productive

Yeah, run for office. Its an

Yeah, run for office. Its an excellent way to both spread the message via a soap box and stir the pot. Your ignorance to what Paul did by running for office discredits this topic.

Thats the problem

TRUTH is not ignorance. Keep doing what the mainstream media wants you to do - be quiet.

Agree to disagree

Those things are fine to discuss but they certaintly don't define the liberty movement, maybe the Alex Jones movement. They are just things that you like and choose to believe in. Don't try and force this on people by making them feel like they don't belong if they don't agree with you. Also, there is no better way to alianate newcomers then by implying they are posers if they don't agree with you about chemtrails and illuminati. Do you want a movement or a private club?


Wake-up. The newsletters that Ron Paul used to put out where the same basic survivalist newsletters that Alex Jones does on the internet today. Ron and Rand Paul look into these topics. Why don't you? I guess if you want to denounce that they want to end the Fed and legalize hemp then go ahead.

Been there done that.

The Zeitgeist movement? If that garbage didn't wake you up to the kind of scum you're promoting, nothing will. You don't have to live like this.


There's NOTHING you can do to get rid of money, and if they could do any of the things they claim through automation, it would already be happening.

They're self worshiping mass murderers cooking up a recipe for genocide. They're Communists and the worst kind. They want you sucking on tit that goes dry while denying you the ability to create and trade value with industry and money. They represent everything I oppose.

Thanks for the misinfo but

Zeitgeist is a great movement and FYI humans lived thousands of years without money. The problem with money is banks charging interest.

Peter Joseph is nothing short of genius.

Thank you.

You don't even know what money is.

From the first days men bartered their productive labor, they used mediums of exchange, a store of value, money. Some forms are better than others.

When you have no idea what you're talking about, you have no hope of offering solutions. All you can do is hurt the people you hate, which brings it all back full circle doesn't fraud?

"I'm Getting Really Sick of the "Paulites" on Here"


Go scream it into a toilet Zeiturd.

You Left Out The Rothchilds

Again I stress PLEASE Watch "The Ring Of Power" on youtube before it is taken off!


Yep, and freemasons and

Yep, and freemasons and Zionism and the Vatican and United nations etc etc.

Why stop there? Let's keep

Why stop there? Let's keep going!

2012 apocalypse
Redheads are the offspring of aliens (the new litmus test of liberty)
Hoover's homosexual hit squad
Your social security card and World Bank account number
Secret messages in the Wingdings font

And " Popstars selling their soul to the devil.."

because that is a compelling topic...

Rand Paul: "The GOP Of Old

Rand Paul: "The GOP Of Old Has Grown Stale And Moss-Covered"

I think you should go join the GOP because you sound like those old farts.

Well On That Note

Could I get you to watch the documentary "The Ring Of Power"? It pretty much sums up the whole thing but it's long and mind boggling to people that refuse to deal with the truth about a great many things.


Ring of Power is great but

Ring of Power is great but its just the start of many great movies out there.

Have You Actually WATCHED It?



And I'm getting really sick

And I'm getting really sick of the "Jonesites" on here. Go drink your Beyond Tangy Tangerine (aka. Infowars Kookaide - no spelling error on "kook" aide).

It sucks to be you, because

It sucks to be you, because Ron and Rand Paul go on Alex Jones' radio show all the time. Now who is the kook? KOOK.