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Cyprus is a test to see how blatant the theft can become without triggering overthrow and revolution.

If the furor dies down soon enough, then the same technique of expropriation will be imposed elsewhere. If the reaction is sustained and threatening to the Aristocracy, other less blatant expropriations will be tested in other neocolonies.

The Deeper Meanings of Cyprus

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What are gun rights like in Cyprus?


People armed? My guess: not much?

What would the Founders do?

Now this is an interesting turn of events...

If Cyprus has the guts to say "fu" to the EU. Somehow I doubt it, but then again - Merkel 'prohibited' Cyrpus' president to search for outside solutions - especially involving Russia in any way - and yet Cyprus' minister of finances already took a plane to Moscow and Cyprus' president is expected to have a phone session with Putin later.

On the other hand - Cyprus has only itself to blame since they allowed situation to come to that point. Kinda reminds me of Ukraine. If they're not done with joining Customs Union before July - civil unrest/war is almost inevitable. And it's going to go Russian way eventually anyway - EU doesn't have the means to solve the problem. Simple as that.

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A small manufactured crisis like the one in Cyprus

is another way to debase the currency without printing. The value of the Euro drops which makes their exports more competitive and the cost would be a few (or more than a few) depositors in the short run. No worries, they will come back after some time, when the rest of the flock has settled down.

So not only is it a beta test for the other PIIGS, and selective plunder, but if managed correctly it can be seen as another way to devalue without the usual resistance from the FANG countries who worry about inflation.

if this was my plan

I'd be afraid of armed citizens too.

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Well the banks have been

Well the banks have been stealing from the people for centuries especially the last one but your right they want to see how blatantly they can get away with it.

They who creates the fiat money will always have the most of it... If enough people actually understood how it works there would be a revolution by morning.

I am not looking forward to civil unrest but short of some miracle that's what it looks like it's coming too..

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Thanks for posting

good shorthand analysis of the situation.

Liked this bit at the bottom:

"We are not powerless. Not accepting responsibility and being powerless are two sides of the same coin: once we accept responsibility, we become powerful. "

Ex-KGB Russian pussy compared

Ex-KGB Russian pussy compared to EBT recipient.


what is goin on, is a reproduction of the middle ages, where for a period of about 150 years, the money masters imposed feudalism on the peasants.

This is a replay. 21st Century feudalism.

I hope the euro-pee-ons wake up soon and try the Icelandic approach.


Yeah, world corporatocratic feudalism in a social democracy costume!

What would the Founders do?

you could have said

you could have said euro-peons


Hear hear!

They only did that because

They only did that because Cyprus doesn't have their own Central Bank with their own currency.....


yea I think Bernanke is clipping 11.5% per year

According Bob Wenzel ever since the last QE kicked in the average m2 growth is like 11.4%. (he does a 13 week rolling average thing don't ask me)

So if you got money in the bank you are getting it confiscated faster here than in Cyprus.

Actually you don't even need to have it in the bank

all you need to do is have it in FED NOTES. Maybe it's time for an alternative?


Agreed... and it is a self contained island for that reason.

Bank tax... ha ha... Bank levy... ho ho

BANK THEFT made legal.


Was thinking the exact same thing.

Almost blatant.


Concern of Laundered Money?

"Cyprus facilitates money laundering by generously granting citizenship to wealthy foreigners. Up to 80 Russian oligarchs gained access to the common European market this way, according to intelligence reports."

It makes no sense - the illegal money in the system was just legitimized for a 10% surcharge and is now effectively clean and the citzens pay 10% just because... ? Why couldn't they just seize money from the targeted "dirty accounts"?


"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo

Don't know why this keeps getting reported

Our war on terror would have caught it!


wikileaks says its mainly just a tax haven for wealthy Russians...not laundering. To launder you need to churn the money not hold it.

Big deal they are using loop holes to dodge taxes, yes in the eyes of the USA.gov that makes you some kind of criminal. But why should anyone else care.

Like you say it makes no sense! They could just freeze the dirty accounts. So take it a step further. If it looks like feces and it smells like feces...it must be feces!

Its propaganda ignore it and continue to question it. You could spread around an alternative view too.

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Funny. I thought about that theory for myself not long ago

Funny. I thought about that theory for myself not long ago, before noticing your post.

I'd say it's at least quite plausible.

Who knows with those crooks and bureaucraps leeches? Should we regret not having a criminal mind?

"Bear" (Cyprus, for now).

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Cyprus ...

Cyprus is a test alright ... of how criminal elements can actually be a positive effect for change. I am not saying I support these actions, but you have to address history here ... if it wasn't for Al Capone and his like would Prohibition have every been overturned?

It usually take a point where the common man finds him/herself justifying/agreeing with the criminal element that real change happens.

Just wait till the banking industry gets a look at what the Russian Mofia has to say about them stealing their money.

"Someone needs to tell Cyprus

"Someone needs to tell Cyprus that the proper way to steal from your people is through inflation, not confiscation-otherwise, they'll realize what a fraud the banking system is."-Every central banker in the world.

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Yeah but Cyprus

doesn't even have a central bank in order to debase their currency. Yup if the currency was debased 9.9% the people would never even realize it.