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free Amazon Kindle book: "GUNS: The Real Shake"

And so begins Guns: The Real Shake, the new Kindle release by David Hearn available exclusively through Amazon. Hearn, a self-admitted lifelong fan of King's work, nevertheless takes the undisputed master of horror Stephen King head-on in a duel of gunslinging bullets needed here, though—just the facts will do.

In January of this year, King released his essay "Guns" as an Amazon Kindle Single. As with virtually all of King's works, it rose quickly to the top of the bestseller chart. But how much of King's emotional plea on the current gun debate is based on “truth”, and how much of it is typical, fantastical King fiction?

Hearn explores the underlying basis of King's impassioned argument, where he counters that it's nothing new, what King is saying, but simply more of the same anti-gun activist rhetoric that we've been hearing all along. Guns: The Real Shake, however, is not only a direct, unflinching reply to King's essay; it also explores some of the deeper issues and concerns of the nation's current gun control debate, tackles myths and misconceptions on such issues as gun violence and the NRA, and last—but certainly not least—Guns: The Real Shake examines some of the very scary—albeit very real—implications as to some of our current politicians, judges and legislators, their personal agendas, and how their actions might very well hold chilling consequences for our future Second Amendment freedoms.

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