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Authorities at a Florida university believe they thwarted an attack ( I believe they didn't do JACK!)

The only thing the "authorities" appear to have done was show up after a fire alarm went off and then started claiming how they saved the day.


Authorities at a Florida university believe they thwarted an attack on their campus by a student armed with assault weapons and explosives.

James Oliver Seevakumaran killed himself with a single gunshot to the head as police arrived at a dormitory building at the University of Central Florida, Orlando, in the early hours of Monday.

"His timeline got off," Richard Beary, the UCF police chief, said at an afternoon press conference. "We think the rapid response of law enforcement may have changed his ability to think quickly on his feet."

On reaching Seevakumaran's room, officers found a pistol, an assault weapon and what police described as improvised explosive devices in a bag.

"It's a tragedy, but it's not an unspeakable tragedy," UCF president John Hitt told the press conference. "A life was lost, but it was the life of the perpetrator."

"University police responded immediately when we received a fire alarm call and a subsequent 911 call," Beary said. "The safety of our students in Tower 1 and our entire campus community is our top priority."

Some residents of the evacuated tower said there was no announcement other than the fire alarm sounding, although they said police were already on the scene when they left the building. About two hours after the discovery of the body, students said, they received a text message from the university informing them of "a suspicious death" and that there was "no threat to the campus community". The message made no mention of weapons or explosives.


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