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Lanza's 7 x 4 foot Spreadsheet Proof Positive that he Planned Sandy Hook for Years

Or so the "anonymous" law enforcement officers would have us believe. They've switched out spokemen to Col Danny Stebbins of the CT State Police, who recently gave a talk at a cop conference in New Orleans.


He keeps going on how much of a gamer Lanza was and was using this huge spreadsheet that needed a special printer to make to "keep score". So I'm wondering did he have the kids names on there or what? Who under the age of 40 prints out a spreadsheet that big?

Does the article have a picture of the aforementioned spreadsheet? Why no, it would be too tramatic for you mundanes to view. This is the flavor of the article:

"He said when the presentation was over that day, he walked out of the hotel and into the New Orleans morning, three months removed from Sandy Hook Elementary but unable now to shake what he called the “visual” of Adam Lanza’s spreadsheets, the seemingly endless list of names and numbers compiled for God knows how long; the list on which he wanted his name at the top, because of all the easy kills he thought he could get at an elementary school.

“Then I called my wife,” he said, “and told her about it, and started to cry about Newtown all over again.” 

bravo, bravo! oh, the humanity!

The spreadsheet may be viewed at the same place where the multitude of ambulances you would expect to be found near a scence like that, the same place the photographs of the smashed/not smashed door are, the same place the CCTV footage is, the strange blue room that Adam Lanza had his picture made with drug-bug eyes, the disappering camo men, etc. ---that's right all up in Eric Holder (Smolderin' Waco)'s ass.

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"a team of agents could have it in days"

I thought the same thing when I was typing my comment below about Obama's disposition matrix. This latest ~spreadsheet proof~ being shared now strikes me as suspicious and something possibly created and used like the bin Laden videos to sway the public toward the story the gov't/media would have us believe.

Pretty strange how this spreadsheet info is being shared now, yet evidence and info like the school security cam vids, death certificates, autopsy reports, etc. are being withheld.

Reminds me of Obama's kill list/"disposition matrix"


...except I believe it about Obama and company's sophisticated plans to kill people for years.

Lanza... meh, not so much.

Just like James Holmes

Was supposed to have his entire place rigged to blow.

Anyone who even lets themselves think for a second that maybe it 'was all true' is just not trying to get at the truth.

How could all the same news people who have never ONCE told the whole truth about anything, suddenly be granted the benefit of the doubt?

Of course it is ALL BS.

What if?

it were all true?

-Matthew Good

If it were all true, then why on earth would they be doing

the circle dance all around and in and out of the fire house?

Then it would be a first! The

Then it would be a first! The "media" hasn't told the truth about anything in decades. Ever been to Vegas? Do you gamble? I don't think I'd take the odds that this once we've been told the real deal.

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." - Patrick Henry

So you are telling me

that the media has never had any truth in their reporting? I do not gamble with money. I have too little to risk. I am too much of a skeptic to believe alternative theories based on perception. I need cold facts. Got any for me?

-Matthew Good

What if

you are one of those who helped create that spread sheet just saying.



someone paranoid would think that.

-Matthew Good

I very

much agree. No matter what happens, we still have a right to equal defense.

-Matthew Good

Given all the discrepancies

Given all the discrepancies in the parts of the official story thus released and deliberate denial of requests for information not released, the odds of a conspiracy in Newton are nearly astronomical.

Discrepencies happen

the media is not perfect, nobody is. Odds of conspiracy are astronomical because there are denial of requests of information? This is called argument from ignorance. It does not follow that their was a conspiracy because you do not know why their are denial of requests of information.

I need something a little more factual. What are some smoking guns of this conspiracy?

-Matthew Good

And you apparently like to

And you apparently like to ignore those discrepancies and paraphrase me out of context. ;) With officials purposely withholding information, you apparently expect an ironclad case without those withheld facts, eh? LoL Maybe, you should be whining to those secretive officials instead about the lack of "facts" in your opinion. ;) Many of these discrepancies (factual data in the context of what's available) have already been discussed on the DP. Don't expect readers to do YOUR work for you.

the absense of any visual

the absense of any visual evidence, like the video of Lanza shooting his way in!

This too

is an argument from ignorance. Just because you haven't seen a video of something does not lead a logical person to believe in a conspiracy. Do you have any hard facts?

-Matthew Good

Hard facts are denied to us plebes

Thus we are left with speculation. The facts we do have is a bunch of public servants acting suspicously, not following standard operating procedures, high profile globalist like Holder on the scene, and absolutely no photographs except what is filtered by the press that show nothing.

What is being put out for the public consists of absolutely no hard facts, and when the AP asked for official records they were denied. This event is being used as a springboard to destroy our second amendment, thus we can't let it go.

So they use a mass shooting to try to nab the 2nd amend..

Does this mean that all mass shootings are caused by the government? They do this everytime there is a mass shooting. You can let this go, just stick up for your rights. I do not understand how people can place themselves in others shoes and say things like, "you aren't crying on TV, so you must be an actor." It is really sick. I hope nothing like this ever happens to you because people like you will point and call you an actor basically spitting on your child's grave. It's really SICK! Y'all need to look within yourselves and know that you DO NOT KNOW EVERYTHING! and maybe you should save your conspiracies after you receive the hard facts. Otherwise, you are speculating and assuming, and making asses out of yourselves because of it.

-Matthew Good

Geez, Got Emotion Much?

I never said anything about crying actors on TV.

I do tire of "skeptics" who cry out for facts, but their definition of what constiutes a fact constantly changes so that the boat never ever gets rocked.

There are some heavily documented cases of mass terror/shootings/mayhem that have been utilized by those in the power structure to advance an agenda.

The most obvious: the Reischtag fire- allowing Hitler to become dictator of Germany

Actually, it's the oldest trick in the book. I don't get where people act like the government, who has destroyed the wealth and life savings of our country wouldn't punch a guy with glasses on. Don't you know about the Franklin Coverup? These people rape kids for fun, so I don't understand why it would be beyond them to kill a bunch to push a narrative.

But hey, if you want some facts on the Octopus that runs our country, knock yourself out: