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CHASE Bank had a Scary Glitch Tonight!

Customers freak out as their accounts showed $0 balances, and some people reported they had negative balances with overdraft fines!

From Twitter:

Gabriela Diaz ‏@bananagabriela

Lmfaooo wtf Chase violated!! Where's my money!? Everyone with Chase check your bank account

zeek roc ‏@ZeekRoc

apparently everyone who has chase as a bank has $0 in their bank account..how y’all feel?

Melissa Mecija ‏@10NewsMecija

#Chase better fix its online system soon! I hate seeing $0 in my bank account. Of course, I can still see all the $ I owe on my credit card

Chase Bank has denied it was hacked, and reports they are back up as of 2 hours ago.

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Cyril's picture

'Happens all the time. "Stoopid" software "bugs".

'Happens all the time. "Stoopid" software "bugs". Blame it on someone screwing up "a bit" in their I.T. somewhere...

I know that BofA had a similar incident last year when they revamped their webs, for California accounts anyway.

It wasn't just balances... For customers by the thousands, their accounts were downright reported as nonexistent or closed for them web users trying to log in.

(at the time, I heard it took them 3 or 4 full days to fix their "glitch" for all their customers impacted, btw)

Anyway, that's certainly the best lousy "routine" one can hope is merely happening for these Chase's customers...

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