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A Sovereign Manifesto For Free Persons

In the Spirit of Boldness and Defiance, I wanted to make some suggestions for Teh People to take concrete steps to show their Fearlessness in the face of Tyranny.


As Sovereign Persons (Not Citizens, Subjects, Shareholders, Joint Partners, Proprietors, Limited Partners, interlocutors, or Customers) of THE UNITED STATES ( Notice the Capital letters PROVING its A CORPORATION UNDER THE LAW OF THE SEAS AND NOT COMMON LAW OR NATURAL LAW), We have the right to travel without hindrance by law or STATUTE and can act as BARRISTERS in our own legal defense at any and all times or JURISDICTIONS.

If you are traveling along (TRAVELING, NOT DRIVING), and another traveler in a vehicle with flashing lights is behind you, you should always SPEED up until you have gone outside of his artificial JURISDICTION. NEVER YIELD TO ANY SPEEDING VEHICLE WITH FLASHING LIGHTS OR ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE SUBJECT TO ARREST.

Your social security card has a number on it (LIKE IN A CONCENTRATION CAMP?) Are you a number? Are you an inmate ON A SHIP? Are you subject to MARITIME LAW? Notice, your name on your birth certificate is IN ALL CAPS. ALL CAPS MEANS YOURE A CORPORATION. Free yourself at once from the bonds and sharp edges of these paper chains.

TO BECOME A PERSON INSTEAD OF A CORPORATION, YOU SHOULD shred or burn YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY CARD AND go to a public notary and submit a written declaration that you are no longer a citizen but a person and have them sign it IN BLACK INK, not red o blue ink.

As a PERSON with free will and Sovereignty of the land, you are free to travel without registration or insurance or identifying marks of any kind on your vehicle or automobile, if you will. To free yourself from the IRON HEEL of the DMV and its dull countenanced jackboots, liberate your vehicle from all serial numbers or markers. Liberate yourself by ripping off the plates of tyranny fastened to your free vehicle, and bend them up as much as you CAN!!!


AT THE HOSPITAL. If you are pregnant, your wife is pregnant, daughter, or you know anyone who is pregnant, advise them NOT to go near a government compromised hospital or medical facility. That is the factory and assembly line of CHAINS AND BINDS for the FREE PERSON. If they don't see the birth, they cannot fasten the chains and bind the child. WE SHALL OVERCOME.

AS FREE SOVEREIGNS OF THE LAND WE are not subject to the jurisdiction of a personal head tax, a poll tax, a sales tax, and income tax, a property tax, a tariff, vehicle tax, a food tax, payments in coin, cash currency, or kind, or any other dues, fees, assessments, ordinances, OR ANY OTHER REGULATORY OR JURISDICTIONAL INSTRUMENTS. AS a barrister you can OVERCOME LEGAL LOOPHOLES in the STATUTES of the TAX CODE by just submitting a blank form in your CORPORATE NAME that says TAX EXEMPT to the agents of the state each year. SERVE NOTICE AND SUBPOENA TO THE AGENTS OF THE STATE AND DEMAND A JURY TRIAL ON YOUR SUPPOSED TAX DEBTS.

One way to stand up for our sovereignty as free persons is to go to the "PUBLIC" libraries (outposts of the CORPORATE STATE) and take out as many books as you're able to by any stratagem or artifice, clever hook or crook, AND DON'T RETURN THEM. The letters you receive in the mail are not instruments of LAW. They will use scary legal terminology and attempt to trick you into paying fines, BUT THESE ASSESSED FEES ARE NOT COLLECTIBLE. You do not have to return these books or pay the fines. IT IS A BLUFF AND CANNOT BE UPHELD IN A JURY TRIAL.

If you are a younger person with the spirit of liberty and defiance in your heart, harken to me now. The "SCHOOL" you are forced to go to every day by agents of the CORPORATE PRISON STATE are not acting on any known law but only a STATUTE. THE NAME OF THE SCHOOL IS IN CAPITALS AND IS A CORPORATION UNDER THE LAW OF THE SEAS. You are not required to actually go to school. Do not ever again climb the grimy steps onto one of those rolling yellow cattle cars of soul deadening mental slavery. LEAVE SCHOOL AT THE EARLIEST POSSIBLE OPPORTUNITY.

STUDY THE LAW. LEARN to plant wild roots, berries, and other edibles ON THE FREE LAND. LEARN TO build traps and other devices to catch plentiful game and fish on the so called 'PUBLIC' or STATE LAND and parks. BUILD A LEAN-TO so your law books and scrolls don't get all wet and shoddy in your travels, and always be READY TO DEFEND YOURSELF AS A SOVEREIGN PERSON before the BAR of the PRETENDERS.

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Our Contra Protocols of the

Our Contra Protocols of the Elders of Zion Manifesto is working like a charm so far. Build upon it.

As long as they have bigger

As long as they have bigger guns and cages then you none of this (or any other issue) really matters.

If the government made it a crime for anyone to declare that 2+2=4, those who continued to declare that 2+2=4 would be thrown in jail at gun point.

Because we live in a society where people don't have an issue with a small group of people using violence to create rules for everyone, facts are meaningless.

Nice try Bill

Person. In general usage, a human being (i.e. natural person), though by statute term may include a firm, labor organizations, partnerships, associations, corporations,legal representatives, trustees, trustees in
bankruptcy, or receivers.

...but you're using the wrong dictionary.

For the record: I am a man and one of the people. I have a person but I no longer use it.

The Human Torch was denied a

The Human Torch was denied a bank loan.