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Rand Paul To Support Path To Citizenship For Illegal Immigrants - LA Times...

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they need new citizens to pay

they need new citizens to pay for all those services they want to offer us.

A great empire, like a great cake, is most easily diminished at the edges. - Ben Franklin

Gee where's the path to citizenship for Koreans?

Oh wait they vote Republican (who needs their favor), the idea that you reward anybody for breaking the law is incredible. It's out of touch and it's kinda racist to think that by letting in one group of people based on their ethnicity that you'll get their votes.

It's the dumbest thing Rand Paul has ever did. It doesn't show compassion, it doesn't show enlightenment, it's shows someone wants to get votes, but it won't make a difference, he and the GOP won't get them in any great amounts. Polling in California has showed Hispanics don't see the legalizing of illegals south of the border as any major factor for them to vote Democrat, not even in the top 15. Polling showed they vote Democrat because they agree with big government, health care, welfare etc. It's why California is broke, they are the welfare state extraordinaire.

You think the Libertarian party ( open borders with Mexico, amnesty etc.) would be a Mecca for Hispanics - you think they would be in their leadership, voting blocks etc., but it's just mainly white guys.

We don't share a border with Korea

I think this is going to pass, and I think it's going to pass because the illegal immigrants, especially migrant workers who decide to stay and settle for ahile.. and they get jobs because they are dependable and will work for less, and as congress keeps pushing for raising minimum wages.. these workers, who are not union, could supply union jobs for less, because they are not US citizens.. a hotel has to pay an American maid $10.00.. but the legal migrant worker can legaly work for $5 (and the US can make sure that Mexico continues industry so the Mexican's standard of living is improved by what would be an unAmerican sustainable wage.

Well we do with Canada

Hey all Canadiens, just break into our country before the bill to give amesty and your in.

Its kinda of funny that Mexico actively shows its poorest citizens how to break into our country, yet has their southern border sealed like a canning jar.

The United States is an over populated mess. We allow in more immigrants than every other country in the world combined allows in. It's crazy and unsustainable.

Why did Colorado just lose gun rights, because it has a large Hispanic population that votes Democrat and aways will, and those Democrats just took away your rights.

Oh wait, you can smoke Pot in Colorado....who cares. While I'm all for everyone's right to smoke weed, it's like the old days of the Soviet Union, who gave their citizens 2 free bottles of vodka a week, so they didn't care about being impoverished slaves to the state.

The US isn't over populated

The US is mismanaged from too much government management and not enough freedom.. there will always be migrant farm work and industrial plant work that is available and Americans are not interested.. Americans don't want to pick crops.. they say they will.. but then they don't like the work or the pay, where, for some people, it is in their blood, and that's a lot of people who are not so far removed from nature, never seen a live chicken.

In 2004

In 2004 GWB got 44% of Hispanic vote

That's because he was married to a Hispanic

Classic racist thinking,, like Obama who got 98% of the black vote.


...a speech to be delivered Tuesday morning to the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce...

A voting base that the dems currently control...this is either genius or an incredibly unholy compromise.

He certainly does things differently than his father...which Ron Paul pretty much admitted to in his latest Mike Church interview:

None of us can be exactly alike. We can be very similar. We can have similar goals. I think the way we proceed and what we do, his techniques are definitely different than mine. I think you can arrive at the same place in different manners. I didn’t work too well with the establishment, but if you want to advance a bit, you have to be able to do that.


The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
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Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

"Paul emphasizes, though,

"Paul emphasizes, though, that for him to support such an approach, border security must come first." This is indeed something to watch.

We were already promised border security.

Reagan already extracted that promise from Democrats when he legalized 3M illegal aliens "once and for all" in exchange for the Democrats' promise to provide border security. We've seen how that worked out. Democrats should honor that promise before any more discussion is held about how to deal with the present problem. Last week, two thousand illegal aliens some with drunk driving and criminal problems were released from jails by the Obama administration. Now we are supposed to believe that if we allow 11M Democratic voters to become citizens that Democrats will actually secure the border. Funny.

Not directly related but we haven't heard much about Rand's son being prosecuted for an array of serious charges lately. Is it possible that Rand can be compromised to keep his kid out of the prison shower on this or another issue?



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