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Would-Be Rapper Attempts to "Sacrifice" His Friend for Fame

Interesting news out of Virginia regarding a young man named Wafeeq Sabir El-Amin, who allegedly tried to "sacrifice" his friend for Stardom. In reality, I'm not surprised that something like this has happened. Rumors fly around that Stars within today's pop culture society subscribe to Satanism. For example, did Lady Gaga sacrifice Lina Morgana in order to achieve her fame? The question at this point is irrelevent and rhetorical. What's important is that this young man, El-Amin, may have believed these rumors and set out to try it for himself, without success...

From TimesDispatch...

"A Henrico County judge Thursday scheduled a two-day trial in June for an aspiring rap star who, according to a prosecutor, apparently believed that he had to sacrifice his friend to reach stardom."

"“You are my sacrifice,” Johnson quoted El-Amin as saying before he allegedly fired a shot toward his friend’s head inside a Henrico home that was to become a music studio."

"It was the belief that a sacrifice had to occur in order to join the Illuminati that allegedly incited El-Amin, Johnson said. Investigators recovered more than a pound of marijuana from the Athens Avenue home, according to the search warrant, as well as literature dealing with the Illuminati and its alleged connection to the music industry."


h/t: Mark Dice

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If WAfeeq was a REAL man, he'd sell his OWN soul, not

If WAfeeq was a REAL man, he'd sell his OWN soul -- like guitarist Tommy Johnson did in "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" -- not trade off on someone else's.

Wafeeq sounds like a Wall Street Banker to me!

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"People Are Strange"

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