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New truck/used truck: what to do?

I'm looking to purchase a new or used vehicle. Preferably a crew cab truck. But, I am too full of guilt to help any of the bailout motor companies (Chrysler, GM, Ford, etc). Alternatively, one could say buying an import isn't helping US owned businesses. The free market person in me says screw local businesses and buy whatever suits my needs. I currently have a Hyundai whose spare parts are all shipped from Korea and I haven't had an ounce of guilt for owning it because it was cheap and served its purpose. I actually discovered today Suzuki makes trucks and still operates in the US! I haven't seen a Suzuki on the road in a while but maybe I am not looking.

What are some of the DPs ideas on vehicles? Buy used? Buy new? Starve the Government owned Auto-industry? I am seeking your input.

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Do whatever makes the most sense to you.

the auto manufacturers industry is so distorted, why anyone would lose time trying to parse it out and make sense of it to be a more ethical shopper is beyond me.

Better to save money and buy some more silver than to sacrifice your savings on the altar of 'merica. A few more ounces of PMs in your pocket is a few more ounces in circulation (or savings) of the liberty movement and probably the best choice to make.