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The 'nutters' push back against RNC blueprint

Reflecting on the Republican National Committee's "Growth and Opportunity Project," Dave Weigel noted that the blueprint "is less a program of reform than a rough blueprint about how to marginalize the nutters."

That's clearly true. The structural reforms are intended to "marginalize the nutters" in terms of their electoral influence; the rhetorical reforms are intended to "marginalize the nutters" in terms of public perceptions of the party; and the policy reforms are intended to "marginalize the nutters" who are pushing Republicans to embrace an even more radical policy agenda.

At times, Reince Priebus and his report aren't subtle on this, specifically criticizing "third-party groups that promote purity."

With this in mind, the simmering intra-party "civil war" between the Republican base and the party establishment is intensifying, right on cue.

"It looks like a system of the establishment, by the establishment, and for the establishment," said conservative P.R. executive Greg Mueller, a veteran of Pat Buchanan's campaigns. [...]

Davie Bossie, head of the conservative group Citizens United, fretted that the proposals would mean conservative grassroots candidates, already outmatched organizationally and financially against the GOP establishment on the presidential level, "even less opportunity to break through."

"I don't think that is a good thing for the party and I definitely don't think it's a good thing for the conservative movement," said Bossie.

More of the article and comments from the Dem. Left:

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I thought

Reince Priebus was supposed to be in prison by now. Looking at that guy make me feel so dirty, he's so slimy, he's such a worm. I don't know how he walks around without a spine. If there was ever a patsy it's this guy. Seriously though, didn't he break some laws with his blatant chicanery, or was is just the party rules? What a loser this guy is. Last but not least...this guy sucks at life, he's just not good at it.



They mean Malignant Growth and Lost Opportunity Project, right?

And they shouldn't steal catch phrases from the British...is there nothing original about these people?

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In other words:


Got it.

Was anyone surprised by this? lol. Hope not.

If so, pm me: I've got a great deal on some farmland in Detroit for ya.

The GOP wants growth, but

The GOP wants growth, but they attack the only growth they have.

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Not a winning strategy

I agree.

He's the man.
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Thanks Ralph

I included this in the wrap up of the GOP Autopsy post I compiled.

Check it out here:

Much obliged.

He's the man.