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UPDATE: How Would We Handle the Unintended Consequences of Banning Abortion?

I'm done defending facts and asking questions on this thread. Unfortunately, very few facts were given by the "pro-lifers" who want government intervention into people's private lives. It's obvious that people are just too *comfortable* with their own beliefs and are unable or unwilling to think beyond them. This was a very valid question framed in the context of reality, any reasonable person can see that. My last point would be this...not only would Banning Abortion create MORE GOVERNMENT and MORE GOVERNMENT DEPENDENCY it would also INCREASE CRIME. These are the *facts* regardless of how uncomfortable they make you feel.

This thread is not about the morality of abortion, there's another thread for that.


Since Roe v. Wade there have been an estimated 55 million abortions.

If all of those babies were "saved" ...

Who would take care of them if the families couldn't?

Should crack addicts and unfit mothers be forced by the state to give birth?

Basically, in the long run, aren't we just creating more government dependency if we force mothers to have babies that they can't take care of?

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F*cked up that these people down-vote your request for info

when the other person was using it to support their argument.

Why am I downvoted for

Why am I downvoted for wanting more information? I actually believed you, just wanted to see the video. I think it would be useful to spread.

oh ok it's a grand consiracy...ok lol

and still no solution offered. take care.

Margaret Sanger.

It might be a conspiracy. But the reality is that free individuals are partaking in it. Albeit, with misinformation and false principles.

The 'Pro-Deathers'

should consider...the possibility that there would of been of a lesser need to adopt from other parts of the world. ie Russia, Asia, etc.

This is a question of personal and community responsibility and immediate gratification. Before, if someone had difficulty with their families, the communities were much closer knit and willing to help out.

Those babies should live so there is no easy way out and these 'unfit' mothers should be helped by the community and in more severe instances face other penalties for child neglect. If you want to play you have to pay imo.

What happens today when women do not want to care for the infant?
I do not see babies being disposed of as trash all over the place. I think people are better than that here. There also would of been less of a need for mass immigration.

Heck people used to have massive families and though the circumstances were not the most pleasant at times, people got by.

This whole issue is a terrible indictment of society and what we have become and we are reaping the consequences of it imo.

Btw, it always easier to destroy than to create.


donvino, i appreciate the time you took to respond

but Should the government force a crack addicts or unfit mothers to have a baby?

These are complicated issue and no one is "PRO-Death"

What do you tell the scared uneducated girl in the projects?

Sorry we didn't teach you sex ed. because it's "morally wrong", oh BTW now you have to keep the baby you didn't know you were going to have!

Abortion crosses all boundaries

It's not just the "uneducated girl in the projects."

But let's suppose that it was. She has the baby. Then what?

I do not know what would happen next. Do you? Do you really know?

My guess would be that she would be faced by two things: Responsibility and Unconditional Love.
She will grow up fast. If she was able to feed herself and produce a baby, then she has the skill to find the food a growing child will need. In an incremental fashion she will learn to find resources. The love from the baby and her own mothering instincts will compel her.

Sex ed will no longer be an issue. And it won't be for her child either. Because mom will see to it that her child is given what is needed. It won't be expected that if behavior results in pregnancy a trip to Planned Parenthood will fix everything and keep the status quo.

If we stopped treating pregnancy as a choice that can be discarded, maybe we would start seeing babies as people instead of liabilities, bad choices, "whoops" and general drags on our precious pocketbooks and good times.

ok and if they perfect scenario doesn't exist

then the government will be responsible for paying for the baby...

with food-stamps, WIC, education, healthcare, and possibly jail down the road

-none of this is free.

Government welfare is not a solution

And abortion is not a solution to government welfare.
Both feed off the other and both must go.

food stamps should be abolished

the goverment should not be involved in education, healthcare, and there should be no wic


The way you frame it is a bit

The way you frame it is a bit disingenuous. The gov is not "forcing" anyone to have babies, as you say. This bill would simply reinforce that murder is illegal. The real issue in all of this is, when is a life a life? Which, to be honest, I don't know the answer to.

Some say a fetus is merely a parasite that can't survive without its mother, ergo, dispatching of it does not equate to murder. Can't the same be said about a newborn, or 3 week old for that matter?

not disingenuous in the least

making and act illegal with punishments attached?

yes it's a form of force.

Do you have to pay taxes?

No, but you will get put in jail if you dont!

In order to force someone to

In order to force someone to have a baby, you would, by definition, have to force them to get pregnant. I must have missed that part of the bill.

Few would be Given up for adoption.

Most would be raised by moms that did not want them. Blowback is crime. Check out the correlation between abortion and crime of 18-24 yo males in the US and Romania.

Any "Pro-lifers" want to take a crack at it?

What is the solution??