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Elon Musk : The Mind Behind Tesla

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Earlier Elon Musk History

Reading is still recomended

Despite the ambiguous warnings of some unaccountable entity.


I remember when PayPal came on the scene

I had already introduced the world's first gold-backed e-currency, and called out PayPal from the very start for what it is: over-glorified gift certificates.

Its "meteoric rise" was and is a big red flag for those hoping to avoid being swindled by the NWO.

Fake identity alert

Spooks often create a "composite" character who is a "genius" about coming up with all sorts of artistic/entrepreneurial wonders. It appears that was the truth behind legends such as Mozart and Shakespeare.

They're the hyped-up Jessica Lynches of culture. Others, too, are similar creations (e.g. Assange).

Plug the following terms into a search engine:

C.J. Parker