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Liberty and the War on Consciousness

“If the state loses its grip over your mind, it loses the key to its very survival” - Lew Rockwell

If the goal of the four decade long war on drugs is to prevent the use and abuse of certain substances the
State has deemed harmful for our consumption, then obviously it is a massive failure. Of course, we know better than that. The goal of the war on drugs, like all interventions of the state, is control over its population.

Whether its Bloomberg’s big gulp ban, Bernanke’s destruction of the dollar, or the 1.6 billion bullets ordered by the Department of Homeland Security, the State is in the business of improving the effectiveness of the cage they have built around the taxpaying populace. This should not be surprising for an organization whose sole means of survival comes from its monopoly on the use of force.

How does the State fund this war? How does the State fund all of its functions? Through coercive taxation of the citizens.

This assault on our economic liberty, which is fundamental to the expression of all other liberties, is the lifeblood of State operations. The recent ‘stability levy’ imposed upon the people of Cyrpus is a more obvious form of government sanctioned theft. Inflation, on the other hand, is the extraction of wealth that goes unnoticed by most. Stealing from individuals monetarily, and stealing the right of individuals to explore their own consciousness through responsible use of mind-altering plants are necessary to the survival of the state. These forms of theft ultimately limit an individuals ability to prosper, to learn, and to be fully human.

Author Graham Hancock explores the (un)intended consequences of State intervention in the personal habits of individuals in his TEDx presentation “The War On Consciousness”. After receiving over 100,000 views on the TEDx Youtube channel, the ‘idea worth sharing’ was removed. Rupert Sheldrake’s presentation “The Science Delusion” was also removed. Both talks are worth viewing and sharing. TEDx has reviewed their decision here. The censorship occurred due to the ‘unorthodox nature’ of both presentations.

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Well written

Government control fuels government expansion, and visa-versa.


Double bump

For a very thought provoking article.

I highly recommend watching the embedded TEDx talk as well

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*


Ray the guy was "stoned for 16 years"!

And ended up giving a Tedx talk....drugs are bad, mmmkaaaaaaaay

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

watching now...

watching now...