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It's Time To Fight Back! Use Your Feet To Drain Their Pocketbooks!

A misdemeanor in any state is not a liability to your efforts. Why are you allowing any COURT to take up ALL of your time fighting this BS they try to use on you unless it's a felony?

If there is a warrant from another state, for a misdemeanor, you cannot be extradited to the state with the warrant.

We also have the millions of people funding the courts by fighting in foreclosure issues when they shouldn't want that chain and anchor in the place. Stick built homes with foundations in the Liberty movement are OBSOLETE wouldn't you agree? I mean if you're really doing your job you SHOULD be racking up a TON of misdemeanors! We should be starting a contest to see who wins!

This demonstrates the founders intent to have 50 separate nations (13 back then) instead of one massive republic which they knew would eventually turn into a democracy. Then all the "outlaws" would wind up in one state eventually (the state with the fewest "laws") and be content to live amongst other "outlaws" from other states.

Obviously that might affect that states tourism money hmm? Maybe then the "outlaws" would decide to change their personal freedoms voluntarily in order to get some of the goodies trade can get when done outside their state? Or maybe they would decide to stay POOR and FREE (or prosperous all by themselves, left alone and free).

We already have a virtual state that is outlaw. Thanks to a booming for-profit prison industry: We have a nation of roughly 3 million people in the "outlaw" PRISON state!

Therefore, unless you're dealing with a FELONY (in which case you gotta stand your ground, study up and prepare to take them to the cleaners - unless you really harmed someone else), I would IGNORE THE COURT and go FULL STEAM AHEAD with your activism. I think it's time to de-fund the for profit prisons and courts.

Respond by mail perhaps if you wish and I can surely help you come up with some good responses, but if you're MOBILE then you can move from "STATE OF" corp to "STATE OF" corp until eventually one of those "STATE OF" corps decides to revert back to a constitutional republic. We can really turn up the heat on this system and free this country almost overnight.

It's simply an activist's legal loophole. See that's why fraudulent ORGS like SPLC/BAR don't like people that show you how to maneuver through the matrix of "law." It's very important one comprehends this very clearly: SPLC is basically the MOUTHPIECE of the BAR.

Who knows, if we all do this we might all wind up in the same state in a few years and enjoying more freedom either way!

Their BLOOD - is the court fines, fees, levies and BONDS. I apologize for the analogy but I can't find a better way to make it any clearer. How do you kill the beast? You do something that will eliminate its ability to circulate its blood. If you DONATE your hard earned pieces of paper backed by debt to these vipers and thieves they will only be able to "eek it out" that much longer.

You NEED to be able to be MOBILE. If you're in a stick built home with a foundation, you might as well be chained at the ankle to a concrete footing that is buried in the ground because there's a TON of baggage that comes along with it.

It's TIME to work this movement FULL TIME. The alternative is to continue to TRY to find AMMO and hope that you're one of the ones who survive. You all know what I'm talking about. It's almost game time folks are we ready? We need to decide if we're going to be free or we're going to be enslaved for all eternity.

I primarily right now survive on having almost zero overhead and donations from friends who know my situation. They appreciate what I do and believe I should keep doing it EVERY WAKING MINUTE so they either offer without me asking or I say "hey can you donate $20 to my (bleep) so I can pay my phone for the next three months? I'm a bit short and I probably shouldn't be without a phone number."

I've networked. If I really need something someone is going to step forward to help me out IF I'M WILLING to articulate the situation and actually reach out a hand. It's an interesting paradigm doing everything for free and depending on someone to toss you a few bucks because you've got nothing in the refrigerator. If you aren't currently mobile and can't get there: Consider supporting financially someone who is.

The point is I made a decision. I wasn't going to allow them to control me anymore unless I absolutely have to. It's just a house. I don't need some kind of place to go back to. They make plenty of cool houses on wheels that are mobile and believe me it's a long way to freedom when you can just start the engine and be somewhere else the next day... and you don't even have to unpack! Everything is right where you left it. There's just a different view out the windows. You really need to experience this kind of freedom to believe it.

Now here comes the objection: "But I have children in school." I say why? You are clicking around on the greatest educational tool humanity has ever known. You can't seem to find one that is mobile? Then imagine a life hanging out with your children 24/7 and going to all kinds of different places, what are you WAITING FOR?

Let's face it folks... if we don't turn things around soon what I just described above is exactly how you'll be FORCED to live if you and your family is going to survive.

Let's move. Let's be mobile. If you run into trouble with courts and it's not a felony, make a couple attempts to fix the issue WITHOUT having to spend more than a couple of stamps. If it doesn't go away and they put out a warrant: MOVE (again: if it's only a misdemeanor). I can't think of another form of civil disobedience that would hit them harder in the pocketbook.

If they do not want to accept that you are NOT IN COMMERCE then MOVE to another "STATE OF" corp! We are NOT human resources. They do NOT have the right to JUSTIFY their JOBS by finding a way to STEAL from us under the COLOR OF law. Misdemeanors are just that: No big deal. So please don't waste another minute on them. Scramble time - change your life before you're forced to change it.

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They will just print/steal/borrow more money...

the only pockets drained by long drawn out legal battles will be your own pockets.

Check out the Laissez-Faire Journal at LFJournal.com

"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard

I'm unclear

on how this applies to the post? Did you read it or just comment on the topic heading?

jrd3820's picture

Been doing this for years Vince

I am constantly moving to whatever area I feel best fits my needs at the time. The vast majority of my financial dealings are in cash. I live off the services I can provide, such as landscaping, childcare, elderly care, or tutoring. I have lived in tents, on couches, in RV's or whatever works at the time. I even finished my college education like this (I know, I know... college is bad, but I wanted a degree so I got one and I paid for most of it in scholarships and cash).

I will admit, I am able to live like this because I am young and I do not have kids or a family to consider. That being said, it is a great way to exercise freedom, and when I don't like the area I am in any longer I move on.

What did you go to college for?

just curious...

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I got my undergrad in English with a minor in Economics.

I just finished my Masters in comparative literature. For my masters thesis I wrote about free market economics as found in fictitious dystopias.


Alright... your loss.