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US Mint Sells Nearly 3/4 Million Silver Eagles In 1 Day Post Cyprus Announcement!

The USMint reported an astonishing 638,500 silver eagles sold Monday as the Cypriot wealth confiscation news over the weekend has resulted in a massive increase in physical gold and silver purchases throughout Europe and the US.

The massive one-day sales brings the March total to 2.35 million ounces, on pace to set a 3rd consecutive monthly sales record for silver eagles, and the 2013 sales totals to 13.216 million ounces!

Link for Charts: http://www.silverdoctors.com/usmint-sells-nearly-34-million-...

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and the silver price is still dead

however those bitcoins i bought a few weeks ago for around $29 have gone up to $59 today. i went ahead and cashed out a few $1000. thank god i sold some of my silver to buy bitcoins. my silver investments have not done anything in years. if silver goes under $27 i may get some more though.

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Thanks for posting.

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Could you please put that in perspective?

What's a typical day like for Silver Eagle purchases from the mint?

January 2013 set a record with 7.4 million for the month

3.5 million per month is probably a close average - here's some history:

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So in other words...

...hundreds of thousands sold in one day equals a big story.

Watch now for a FMSM blitz about "awful hoarders."

Thanks for the link


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Not exactly alone

And here's a hint, folks:

I don't buy only from the US mint. Matter of fact, I buy MOSTLY from private mints.

And two full weeks STILL WAITING after my last order, I suspect I'm not exactly alone.

Check out my recent post about "Drutter's divergence" (re: his findings) for more insights, if you're curious :


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Yet the spot price of silver

Yet the spot price of silver is STILL relatively unchanged over the last month.

Thank God

The longer they suppress it, the longer I can stack it. :)

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