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~Just A Rant..Another Wake Up Call.. As Things Slowly Fall Apart...~


It’s taken over 200 years, but unfortunately the last vestiges of respect for an individual’s natural rights are just about gone. That respect is embodied in our Constitution and Bill of Rights, but between the wiping of the congressional @sses with our founding documents, and the incessant executive orders and signing statements that flood from the executive branch; our Constitution has been rendered ineffectual to stop the infringement of mine and your natural rights.

The “land of the free and the home of the brave” is just another part of the American dream, imaginary. It’s just too bad that the reality of it is, that the American dream has slowly turned into a nightmare and most of us can’t wake up. The country my granddad fought for is now a shadow of its former self. We have lost the moral high ground.

Our republic continues to be dismantled before our eyes…. Just recently it has been brought to the attention of anyone who was seriously watching the republican primary that the system is rigged for the establishment, and then furthermore the presidential candidates illustrated plainly… that the left /right paradigm is a fraud…. The same interests control both parties. We may have the illusion of choice, but that’s all it is…… Illusion.

It is time the general public rubbed the sleep from their eyes and realized where we are and what is occurring right now. American society stands on the precipice. We are so much further down the road to tyranny than anyone realizes. The hour is far later than you thought. Even worse, is that there is no going back; only moving forward, through the maelstrom. If you are not taking active steps to prepare for yourself and your family, then you need to take a serious and sober look around.

Who would ever consent to continuously murder innocent children, on multiple continents, with unmanned drone strikes? Who would knowingly consent to abolish the individual’s right to due process, or to a speedy trial by a jury of your peers? Should we be subject to random searches of our vehicles with no reason or suspicion of a crime having been committed? Well, I happen to have firsthand knowledge that we are, and I’m quite certain that I’m not the only one.

Just a couple of weeks ago it was announced that Texas DPS troopers have been videotaped performing roadside body-cavity searches, seriously. It has also come to light that the officer used the same pair of gloves to ‘inspect’ both of the women who were violated. I honestly believe that if the founders knew that sometime in their future it would be considered reasonable for an officer of the law to insert his or her finger into their anus as part of a routine examination, they would never believe it, nor would they ever have put up with it. In fact, I think it more likely that anyone who would even suggest that something of that nature should be allowed, would most likely find himself dueling with pistols against more than one of the founders.

The small bits and pieces that remain of what was once our free society help to maintain the delusional confidence in the system. This is the case, I believe, because the general public was taught in public schools, and we have lived in this seemingly stable system our entire lives. There isn’t anyone nowadays who wasn’t spoon-fed the ‘American dream’ growing up. Once the confidence wanes past a certain point we will begin the real crash.

Just so you know, I am just a red blooded Texan. I love my country, but I absolutely abhor the things this government does in our names. I simply want what the founding fathers intended for us all……. The right to be left alone, otherwise known as LIBERTY!


“Truth is treason in the empire of lies.” Ron Paul

From official story to conspiracy theory, there is really very little room between them. In fact I would argue that they stand right next to each other, divided only by words, suggestions. The official story is what the mainstream media regurgitates in an effort to keep you misinformed. Conspiracy theory, nowadays, is any version other than the official story.

Let’s do a little thought experiment…. What if you were asked to attend a skit, to be performed before a live audience? Like any other play, props will be manufactured to help assist in the production of the skit. In this skit they are going on a treasure hunt, so one of the props is a large map. From the audience the only thing legible on the map are the words ‘deception ridge’ on one area of the map. Unfortunately, during the performance of your skit there is a mass shooting event in the amphitheater.

Now several months go by. Your day begins as any other day, but around lunchtime the news is covering a story about a mass shooting incident in another state, where many children were murdered. The name of the school is ‘deception ridge elementary’.

Now I’m no mathematician or statistician, but it sure seems to me that the odds of that being a mere coincidence should be astronomical. When it comes to matters of any importance I don’t believe in coincidence. This is exactly what has transpired right here in America? Do you have your tinfoil hat on?

The shooting in Aurora, CO, at the batman movie was tragic. Most of the public has come to believe the official story. Some crazy guy who was on drugs or has a mental problem walked into the emergency exit at a theater and started gunning people down for no apparent reason, right?

Just put aside the fact that emergency exits don’t open from the outside, there were reports from witnesses that there was a second shooter, the shooter had on tactical swat gear, tear gas was used, and was reportedly thrown from two different locations. The list goes on and on. (It really gets interesting if you begin to look at his father who writes algorithms to detect bank fraud.)

Would you believe it coincidental if you found out that in that very same batman movie, they use a map of Gotham city (a fictional city), and the only thing legible on the map are the words ‘Sandy Hook’? Then months later, another mass shooting event occurs at Sandy Hook Elementary.. Well this is what has taken place.


Is it not also strange to note that some of the same elements were attributed to both of these mass shooting incidents; multiple shooters, tactical gear, timing, immediate push for more gun control, etc.? (Oh yea, and according to ABC news, the father of the Sandy Hook shooting was VP of GE Capital. Specifically, the unit that just had some of their guys arrested and convicted of fraud concerning funds that were affected by the LIBOR rate.)


LIBOR is basically an interest rate between banks, and hundreds of trillions, with a capital T, are exchanged according to this rate daily. There have been claims lately in the news that some of the large banks have been manipulating this rate in their favor.

To me both of these incidents appear to be something other than what they have been reported as, and are also being used to push to restrict the second amendment protection of our natural right to own firearms.

Prior to that we had the David Petraeus sex scandal…. Former top military brass turned CIA director exposed in a scandal for having an affair with a staffer, Paula Broadwell. This guy has to have direct knowledge of the incident which led to the killing of our ambassador in Libya, by ‘rebels’. Petraeus was running the CIA during the killing. It is also worthy to note that Paula Broadwell was speaking on camera about the incident involving the ambassadors death, and she happened to mention that the ‘rebels’ were attacking in order to secure the release of individuals who the CIA had held at a black site near the embassy.


This would be something of a problem for the administration considering that the president had issued an executive order prohibiting ‘rendition’ (otherwise known as being kidnapped by the CIA, and held at an unknown location, probably to be tortured…. Oops…. I mean enhanced interrogation).

Is it just me, or does anyone else in this country have a problem with this government supplying arms to al-CIAda in Libya, and now in Syria (this is part of what ambassador Stevens was doing). This is the same al-CIAda that we are supposedly fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq…. But it’s ok to arm them in Libya, and Syria? Doesn’t make much sense to me unless you take into consideration elements of the Hegelian dialectic: problem, reaction, solution; that these jihadist are the west’s puppet terrorists, who are used as a tool to cause chaos in the very regions where we want to intervene militarily? So the al-CIAda flag flies over Benghazi after we bomb the country back to the stone age… nothing to see here, these are not the droids you are looking for, move along, move along….. We can give these terrorists guns, but we need to take the guns away here at home?

The NDAA2012 (national defense authorization act of 2012) contains provisions in it which allow for the indefinite detention of Americans by the military based solely on the executive branch having a suspicion about someone and making a decision. It was signed by the president, even though he had claimed he would not sign it with those sections included in it. This is treasonous, as it is a direct violation of our fifth and sixth amendment protections.

This government claims it is now justified in black-bagging individuals, without having to submit evidence to a grand jury, without even having to inform anyone that they have done this, and you have no right to even have a single question answered. They don’t have to tell you anything.

In fact, to quote Senator Lindsay Graham on the floor speaking about this very issue he said, ”and when they ask for a lawyer, you tell them, you don’t get a lawyer”.
It should also be mentioned that they may hold you in this manner until the war on terror is over? Sound reasonable?


The president ordered the assassination of a US citizen, by drone strike. It doesn’t matter if they claim he was supporting our enemies. They have a responsibility to present whatever evidence they had to a grand jury in order to secure an indictment and prosecute him in a court of law where he can question witnesses, and answer the charges against him. The laws concerning treason are more stringent. There must be at least 2 witnesses against them. Nowhere have I ever read in the Constitution that the executive branch may declare you an enemy of the state by decree, and order your assassination to be carried out by a missile strike.

Then he further compounded this injustice by assassinating the man’s 16 year old son (a citizen), and nephew. This is also treasonous, as it is a direct violation of our fifth and sixth amendment protections and it is murder.

Drone use domestically is now a reality. In February 2012, Congress passed the FAA Reauthorization Act. It contains provisions for fleets of domestic drones. The police in Seattle have already deployed them. Miami has as well.

One of the greatest concerns, to me, with these drones is that the basic principle is plainly unconstitutional. Posse Comitatus was intended to keep the military from operating domestically, as is the deployment of National Guard units by a state Governor. When the entire drone issue stands at odds with our Constitution, then before we ever even get into the technicalities of their operation, this policy is already destroying some of the liberty of the people.

1st and 4th amendment protections are now being violated. If a drone can now be sent to hover high above your property and record audio and video of your activities without you even knowing it, then the protection of your natural right to be free from any searches or seizures without warrant is null and void.

In my opinion, this breaches the 1st amendment protection as well, because knowing there could be a drone outside the window may already cause individuals to restrict their speech. I think the same principle applies to the right to associate with whomever one chooses. If I know there may be a drone in the sky over my city, then might I not reconsider any association I may have with any persons who, the government may consider of questionable character? Oh wait a minute; I am already on that list I’m sure… but seriously…

When you take into account that the government now considers anyone with: more than a week’s worth of food stored in their house, fingers missing from their hand, Ron Paul supporters, returning veterans, Chuck Baldwin supporters, Oathkeepers to the US Constitution, Tenthers, preppers, and just about anyone else who wouldn’t just beg for a boot on their neck, a possible domestic terrorist... then there probably won’t be too many people you would want to be considered associating with.

World Trade Center 7 was never hit by a plane, yet it fell in 7 seconds into its own footprint, on the same day as the other 2 WTC buildings. It was also announced on BBC that it had fallen a good twenty minutes before it actually fell. You can see it still standing in the background as the reporter announces it fell. I do not have the answers for 911, just many, many, many questions.


One of the most urgent questions I have is why was nobody held responsible for such an egregious breach of security? If it was as they say, that 19 guys armed with box knives overcame state-of-the-art, world class security at 3 different locations, simultaneously, flew commercial aircraft through maneuvers that they never possibly could have performed before, to violate the very laws of physics which say that concrete and steel does not fall at near the speed of freefall due to a fire on the 80something floor. Even the members of the 911 commission say they were set up to fail from the very beginning. There still has yet to be a real investigation, and they immediately disposed of all the evidence. The American people are OK with this outcome?

Why has nobody ever bothered to ask serious questions, like is it true that the same security firm was responsible for all 3 of the airports? Yes, that is true. It is also very interesting to note that the shoe bomber incident, and the underwear bomber incident (which an attorney named Kurt Haskell witnessed being staged) also originated from airports where security is handled by this same company; ICTS International.

I don’t have all of the answers, but I don’t walk around chanting 911 was an inside job either. That just closes people’s minds and creates immediate doubt. We need a real investigation into what happened, but it is much easier to believe things that can be verified and researched, and proven to be true. That is why I am much more inclined to listen to someone like Dr Alan Sabroski, former Director of Studies at the Army War College, who makes a very strong case that the WTC attack was a Mossad operation. Look it up, and see who: owns ICTS International, who bought the World Trade Center just prior to the attack, who was running the Port Authority, why the former Homeland Security Czar contracted for the full body scanners and then quit the government to become CEO of Rapiscan? Would it surprise you to discover that all of the individuals who held the positions I just mentioned have dual-citizenship.

I think we need to ask ourselves even more significant questions like, Is there a reason why all of the individuals involved in the 911 situation domestically, and had the ability to provide access to these buildings have a dual-citizenship status? And to what does their allegiance lay first? Can a person of dual-citizenship actually swear an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States, and it actually means anything?

That event was used to ram through the Patriot Act, which had been written well in advance, and basically does away with the fourth amendment protection of your natural right to be protected from unwarranted searches and seizures (including intercepting email and voice communications electronically). Did you know that just prior to voting on this Act it was amended to provide immunity for foreign companies in charge of 911 security?

911 was also the pretext used to create the Department of Homeland Security, as well as the brownshirts (otherwise known as the TSA). These departments do not benefit the security of the people. These agencies infringe daily on the lives and affairs of innocent people who have done nothing to warrant intrusion into their lives.

The policies of the TSA amount to no less than sexual assault, and people allow them to assault their children in this manner? They have done nothing to add to the security of our nation, in fact, by destroying liberty of the people they have done much more harm to our country than any good they could ever do.

I could go on for days. All you have to do is use the internet to research into what is really going on, and you will start to see the abundance of lies. Everything out of the mouths of mainstream media is scripted to paint a picture they want you to believe, to distract you from looking that direction, or to keep you from believing what ‘that guy’ is saying… because it couldn’t be true.

Wake up.

Think for yourself.... Question Authority!

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Good questions to ponder

"Everything falls apart!"

- Bob Mould (Husker Du)

too many questions

and not enough answers..

Think for yourself......Question authority...