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Sen. Feinstein outed on Drudge as Illuminati tool - pleads "Horus help me ban guns!"

Desperate to somehow bring her proposed assault weapons ban back to life, Senator Feinstein has apparently turned to a predynastic-period deity for help. "What the heck, if Horus can be resurrected, why not my assault weapons bill?" was quoted from an unreliable source.

Flashing her best "Eye of Horus" symbolic gesture and calling upon the 'God of War and Hunting' for help did not appear to have any immediate impact. Calls to Horus for comment were not immediately returned.

All-seeing-eye picture as posted on Drudge:

Disclaimer: Just because this was posted under the Humor forum does not guarantee smiles or LOLs; individual results may vary. If laughter persists for more than 4 hours, consult a physician.

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Put this into perspective:

How many Americans even know about Horus or the Eye of Horus? Very strange, coming from a US Senator.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.


I LOVE Daily pAUl!

A picture of Feinstein putting her hand on her face is proof she is an Illuminati!!!!!

You can't make this stuff up!.. oh wait..



Whoah. She went there.

Horus and no guns, or God and guns....

I'll take God and guns any day!

: )

What would the Founders do?