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How can Neil Tyson debunk

How can Neil Tyson debunk chemtrails if he doesn't even know what they are? Evergreen Aviation admitted to weather modification contracts with the air force.

didnt china also use a spray

didnt china also use a spray to clear the skies when they hosted the olympics some years ago. Maybe they used ballistics i cant remember.

They probably did. Like i

They probably did. Like i said, it has been used for decades. I live in Croatia which is far less developed than US, and i remember (some 2 decades ago) local field workers visiting weather station to fire cloud sowing rockets...

weather modification in that

weather modification in that form is nothing new, hidden or sinister. That's as if you said: this car salesman just admitted that he is selling cars... I personally don't believe in chemtrails. Like many other conspiracy theories (and by many i definitely mean many and not all) "evidence" just isn't there, and documentaries on this subject (at least the ones with most views on youtube which i watched) are just ridiculous. People will measure higher level of something in earth and claim it must be from the plane which passed earlier (at 10km altitute).
Having said that, I don't think any of these two managed to prove or debunk anything. That Joe Rogan sure has a huge ego though.



is this real? Because section 7b(ii) says chemtrails exist.

:) 7b(ii) doesn't say that

:) 7b(ii) doesn't say that chemtrails exist.

That is the problem with many documentaries on this subject, people just rush to conclusions without really thoroughly reading what's been said. I mean, if that bill did what you think it does, then it also proves existence of extraterrestrial weapons 7b(vi) :), not to mention the tectonic ones.

That bill is about explicitly forbidding such and such from ever being employed in space. Same way you could regulate for example creation of large black holes, it doesn't mean that someone actually managed to do it at any point in time.

Go up to Mt. Shasta in Norcal

Go up to Mt. Shasta in Norcal and measure the soil for barium and aluminum. Its there and its deadly trust me and its coming from the skies. Its now in all of the water and the plants.

They are spraying to block the sun to slow down the greenhouse effect. We ruined this planet along time ago and now they are playing God in order to try to fix it

Go to your local EPA

Ask for a water report card of anywhere in CA. CA has been taking water samples since the 70's. The only water that is not tested private well water (and if you want to have it checked it's about $160.00). The toxic substances that began being distributed evenly through geoengineering is showing up in water.. and through tests, and you can connect with those tests in the link provided by celest's post above.. The geoengineering is endangering indiginous trees, destrying the cloud forest and destroying crops.

For whatever reason they have, they do not have the right, they are under some privledge, and it needs to stop.

My opinion....

People who see trails in the sky and say, "Oh, they are spraying again" I think are way off base. The government knows how to fly at a proper altitude to leave no contrail, this was figured out in WWII - look it up.

I'm not saying that they aren't spraying, but what you see most likely isn't the spraying, it's just high elevation commercial aircraft in a cold and almost 100% humidity air layer.

Example. All flights around here are at ~33,000 or above, because honestly, there is no airport even remotely close to me, so they are very high up. You will rarely hear a plane at that altitude. On a cloudy/overcast day, sometimes it will be VERY loud. Sometimes you get to see the loud aircraft for a brief moment. Now those could be spraying, but why? They are too high and going way too fast. Usually there are 45,000 ft (estimate) and doing supersonic speeds.

I judge altitude by shadows on contrails and using echo tops off of radar to see what elevation the lower clouds are, the rest you can infer. In stratus cloud weather, you can use a sounding to determine the cloud heights.

Point is, if they wanted to spray you with no trail, they would. Yes, there are documented cases of spraying, and there are planes designed to spray. But for what purpose? Oil slicks? Fires? See my point.

So lay off with the pictures of con trails and calling that spraying, it's not. If they are going to spray, you wont see it.


What if the goal was

What if the goal was particulates though (to, say, insulate the earth or block the sun)? Then they would need to be visible...

I dont think you deserve all these downvotes though.

Who cares about down

Who cares about down votes.

They'd spray them during cloud cover or at night. They are not stupid.

Plus heating the upper atmosphere will decrease rainfall. Reflection light around at higher altitudes - flight levels @ 250 mb will make storms fail big time. It takes heat differential to get rain/snow, etc.


this government does much

this government does much bolder things in plain sight than just chemtrails. Heck some things they give press releases about. Why would they hide it nobody in this country cares except for maybe .1 percent

Two things:

1) It is obvious that Rogan has emotionally dismissed this a priori, rather than keeping an open mind and continuing to look into it.

So he is obviously not informed enough to take seriously.

2) Neil Tyson was unfamiliar with not only the term chemtrails and the actual evidence that has been presented, but also none of the corporate, political and documentary evidence for it.

So he gave the stock scientists answer that any legitimate scientist would give under the circumstances.

ie. This conversation was completely devoid of any actual evidence that supports the theory of ongoing weather modification in the US.

Illustrated by the facts that (among other things):

- Many, many planes have been photographed showing the complete *lack* of a gap between thee engine and the "contrail" (quotes emphasized)

- High concentrations of aluminum particulate and other chemicals are consistently found in areas where the contrails are frequent, and *not* found in areas where they aren't.

We need scientists like Neil Degrasse to start stepping up and saying something about corporate hijacking and modification of the biosphere. Including GMO's AND chemtrails.

Before it's way too late.