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5 Things the Republican Party needed to do Yesterday

After reading breathless/irritated accounts of the CPAC on the Daily Paul, I put together an article just for DP.

Here's the original with pictures.



The Republican Party is screwing up, the same way that Harley Davidson is screwing up. They are following their customers, right to the grave. Without attracting the majority of young people, they'll keep getting beating until they change. I don't have much stock in the Republican Party, but it makes me hurt to watch someone lose badly in what ought to be a fair fight. Here's five things they can do to spice things up and breathe a little life into their Frankenstein.

1. Embrace Individual Freedoms

As far as blind justice goes, gay protestors are just as valid as anti gay protestors.

Both sides clearly feel strongly about their cause, and neither will ever concede defeat. Because of this, it is crucial that temporary majorities don't impose their will on temporary minorities. Moods and mores change, and those that are currently trying to marginalize one group are just as likely to be marginalized themselves 20 years in the future. How about no one marginalizes anyone? This is a key belief in my generation that the Republicans aren't recognizing.

2. Stop threatening potential voters

Entitlements, to Republicans, are the insidious venom slowly dissolving the muscles and sinews of the United States. Entitlements, to something like "47 percent" of Americans, are how they stay fed and stay alive. Pardon them for not working 80 hours a week at Waffle house when the Feds offer a better alternative.

It's gridlock, everyone knows it, and it is basically impossible to take away a retired janitor's Social Security, or take away Grandma's Medicare, or pull Food Stamps out from under a single mother.

This is political reality. The only way to stem the tide of rapidly growing poverty programs is to...

3. Offer a better alternative

That's right. Far better politically than threatening to take away popular social programs is to offer sound economic policy that will mean more and more people choose to work instead of take money from other taxpayers. Right now, $7.25 an hour part time isn't going to cut it. Not with $4.00 gasoline. With increased prosperity, and the labor shortage resulting from growth, wages will improve and people wont even want social programs as much. There will be too much money to be had in the working world. Its hard to make that same claim right now.

Unless big, bad facilities producing big bad products are allowed back in the states, big salaries aren't coming back either. The difference between unemployment and $25 bucks an hour is a single phone call. Certainly, some will claim that people dole won't go to work at any price. This isn't true for everyone on food stamps and welfare, and publicly making statements like these is what drove them away from the Republican party in the first place.

How can the Republican party win over the destitute and desperate if they are threatening to cut their lifeline. Instead of cutting the one they have, offer a better one instead. Offer real opportunities.

4. Change the image.

Stodgy doesn't begin to describe it. Only pictures can give justice to the rickety calcification of the Republican Party.

The Republican National Convention in 1980 is indistinguishable from the RNC today. The stage looks identical to its own parody on the Colbert Report.

I have no interest in attending the Republican National Convention, and this is a big problem. I would only attend as a candidate, and even then I feel like it will be as much fun as a junior high school fundraiser.

You would think with a billion-dollar war chest, the RNC could just put on Bonnaroo every year for free, interspersed with some political speeches. Really guys, step up your game. The DNC already has. Be a leader, not a follower.

Who knows, maybe watching Mitt Romney talk is really awesome in person. But perception is reality, and without a better image, I'll never go to the RNC.

5. Get a rich uncle to buy some newspapers and media outlets

In politics, perception is reality, and Dems have a relative lock on perception. When you control CNN, MSNBC, CBS and ABC, the New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Tribune and basically every other media outlet besides FOX, the Wall Street Journal and talk radio fringe, you control perception.

Just buy MSNBC, or CNN, as if multi-billionaire acolytes of the Republican Party couldn't afford that. If you're the party of the rich, you can start acting like it at any time.