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Shocker: GOP Insiders Consider Pandering

According to a new report by the Republican National Committee, the Republican Party is finally having to come to terms with the problem that “perception of the Party is at record lows.” Voters – especially younger ones – have been “increasingly rolling their eyes at what the Party represents.” Now, the GOP and RNC are struggling to figure out how to put themselves back into a favorable light. What are some of their great solutions? One of the big ones is undercutting grassroots activism even further once the 2016 election rolls around, “discouraging conventions and caucuses” as a method of national delegate selection.

Oh, sure, there’s also the ear-perking idea of “reducing the size of government” mentioned in passing on page 4, but there’s a qualifier added that it ought to be done “while making people’s lives better.” Not surprisingly, these Republican Party operatives still see the role of government as one in which “the government works for those truly in need, helping them so they can quickly get back on their feet.” The writers aptly quote Ada Fisher, a Republican Committeewoman from North Carolina, who comes right out and says that “There are some people who need the government.”

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ecorob's picture

Screw the gop!

They are a snake. We cut their head off in 2012 after they ignored the voice of the people but they have refused to die.

Let them burn now.

We will rebuild our conservative party WITHOUT one single neocon!

We will grow our numbers from common-sense Americans across the country.

We no longer place labels to achieve a divide and conquer mentality.
We told you, you wouldn't listen, now burn in hell.
We won't miss you, we don't pity you, we HATE you.
Ron Paul is my President! Remember that?

Yeah, thats what I thought.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.