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“But I figure if the name’s the whole thing, then my message isn't strong enough.”— Ron Paul

Who can disagree with that?

Hallowed Be Thy Name: Ron Paul Tries to Retrieve RonPaul.com



The arbitrator is currently weighing all these arguments. In the end, Paul knows he may instead have to make do with a domain like DrRonPaul.com. Having the eponymous domain name “would be helpful,” he says. “But I figure if the name’s the whole thing, then my message isn’t strong enough.”

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Mutual Prominent Cross-Links might suffice.

If they can co-operate, they probably would both do better.

An 'official' Ron Paul page, and a Ron Paul fan site could simply cross-link.

Our last money bomb for Ron Paul to buy RonPaul.com

I think it would make for great news that Ron Paul supporters gave Ron Paul a nice retirement gift of RonPaul.com, but if they are willing to sell it for $250K which seems overpriced, maybe we can buy it for Dr. Paul.

broken link.

if no Ron Paul...

Then still the idea of liberty.

Ron Paul is good. Liberty is great.

9-11 was a panda job.

Ron Paul will do fine

with whatever domain name he chooses. The message is what is important and not the name. The problem with his argument that it should be his domain is that if he really felt that way he should have went after it years ago. He did not and that basically gave these other folks the green light. They built up a following and a life for themselves with that domain. For Ron Paul to now come and just take it away is wrong in my opinion. I hope they come to an agreement but if not, it will still work out fine for Ron Paul. He doesn't need the domain to succeed.

This is like saying you don't

This is like saying you don't need a phone to do business. You can work around it but for a public figure the right domain name is a pretty big deal, we're talking a difference of millions of visitors potentially.

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thanks for posting this.

I love that man....

He is right about that of course. I don't know the man as a 'person' in my life. He does not know me. I have seen him speak in person several times, shook his hand and spoke a few words, got my picture taken with him, had him sign some books for me. I have seen every video of his that I found and read a huge portion of what he has written. I know his character so the rest is predictable, pretty much. I trust him. Thought hard on the things he's said all along, until I understood them.

Some of the things he says might seem harsh, until you really understand Agenda 21, free markets, debt, Fiat currency, the Golden Rule.

It's not the man himself (though I'm sure he is wonderful), it really is his message. There were a few things I did not necessarily agree with before, but I do now. The reasons are so much clearer now that I have poked my nose into the mechanics of politics.

Never, EVER before have I felt love/respect for a politician. I suppose it's the same feeling people of the generation before me felt about Kennedy. Never mind the politics, I am talking about emotion.

A side track from the angle of the domain name issue, just sentimental tonight.

The Spring Sycophants Are In Bloom...

Love ya Dr. Paul, but you can't always get what you want.
But if you try some time... you just might find...
You get only that which you pay for.


downvote commence!...

P.S. Don't forget to take your head out of the Good Doctors ass so you don't downvote the wrong post.

...and now we know who their leader is...Victor Es!

You are sorry, Vic. Dr. Ron Paul and sycophant in the same sentence/thought is about as wacko as can be. Congrats, Spring Sycophant in bloom!

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina


......>>>.............>>>..............>>>............>>> (MY POINT)

Quick!... Run!...

... My Point is getting away!

Aaah, that sucks... You missed it.

Maybe next time JPS.

Love you too... Seriously, we are all brothers in this, but you can do better than semantic arguments.

Victor Escobar

I believe "Ron Paul" is a

I believe "Ron Paul" is a message. I will ALWAYS display a "Ron Paul" sticker on my car and I'll leave my 2012 lawn signs out until they are faded away. The problem is people "like" Ron Paul, They NEED too UNDERSTAND "Ron Paul". When people understand "him", they understand liberty. Ron Paul.com should be his. It's HIS best way to continue to spread the message of liberty I'm helping people find.


One NWO behavior-change goal

...is to get people to think of their online presence as some kind of real person.

The computer string "ronpaul.com" is just that, a string of characters. Do not cross over into the matrix.

I wonder

Is it possible that he wants the name because there are some offensive posts, and people might think ronpaul.com means he endorses them? Since he has had issues with what went out under his name before, this could be a factor.

Fortune Favors the Bold

Didn't think of it before but

Didn't think of it before but this is a really great point.

Those stupid newsletters gave the media all the ammunition it needed to get the sheep to think Ron Paul was a racist.

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ronpaul.com owners should be ashamed...

The ronpaul.com owners should be ashamed. They not only should give Ron Paul that domain for free, they should be honored to do so. It is shameful what they are doing. Ron Paul is a national treasure.

I'm not saying they should have the domain taken from them by force, however they should want to do the right thing. That they don't, unfortunately speaks volumes on their (lack of) character.

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I completely agree. If I was

I completely agree. If I was the one that owned RonPaul.com I wouldnt even have to think about it! It would be his asap and it would be an honor.

It won't matter

if the domain is jsi.fjswoek2132kfjall.tv When he builds it we will come. The message is strong enough. I know, I've not only witnessed it first hand, I've lived it.

Excuse me, but I own

Excuse me, but I own jsi.fjswoek2132kfjall.tv

Thanks Nothappy

I wish I could get a laugh like that every morning. My bad... I forgot to WHOIS it before posting. :-D

lol! a sense of humor goes a long ways w/me these days!

Good one!

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina

Ron Paul should just put his

Ron Paul should just put his work right here -- on the #1 Ron Paul site on the planet earth.

Won't cost him a dime for staff or site management.

I'm sure Mr. Nicestrum would give Ron Paul his own special section.

ron would be better off not

ron would be better off not making a fuss about this. It only gives them hope that something will happen and theyll get paid. Leave them alone quit talking about it, let them become desperate for cash and then theyll sell it for a reasonable price

Whatever domain Ron Paul chooses

It will have a higher ranking in the search engines than ronpaul.com when one searches "Ron Paul" - that's a fact.

always making lemonade

that Ron is.

"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul