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Will We Know When We've Won?

I just finished watching the Sarah Palin CPAC speech and thought to myself- Will we know when we've won?

Ya- I have problems with some of her positions. Yes- she's not perfect. But, some just can't stand the idea that she's pretty or speaks in a common tone. She's just not "pure enough" for them. But- if you listen to what she's saying, she seems to actually get it.

Same with Rand. Every syllable he speaks is ripped apart and criticized with surgical "Libertarian" precision.

This game was lost through incremental change. Perhaps it would serve our purposes better to start looking at "the long game". It's time to change the trendline, and that requires winning.

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I went from gullible

to not trusting anyone, so no I would not know it and think it would be a miracle if somehow we did.

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