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How U.S. Arms and Technology Were Transferred to Iraq

Transcript of Ted Koppel - ABC NEWS Nightline Show # 2690 - Air Date: September 13, 1991 - This is disgustingly interesting to read in 2013. And for the record, I just happened to bounce to the location of this article while I was researching some stuff about Israel. I don't have any interest in Johnathan Pollard.

TED KOPPEL: [voice-over] February 1991. A U.S. Stealth fighter-bomber takes off from Saudi Arabia for a bombing run over Baghdad, to destroy a bomb factory built with American technology.

PRESIDENT GEORGE BUSH (SR.): We're dealing with Hitler revisited, and that must not stand.

KOPPEL: [voice-over] Tonight, an examination of how the Reagan and Bush administrations privatized foreign policy, circumvented the will of Congress and permitted the illegal transfer of arms and technology to Iraq.

ANNOUNCER: This is ABC News Nightline Investigation. Reporting from Washington, Ted Koppel.

KOPPEL: For months now, we've been producing and broadcasting a series of reports setting forth how Iraq, during much of the 1980's and into the '90s, was able acquire sophisticated U.S. technology, intelligence material, ingredients for chemical weapons, indeed, entire weapon-producing plants, with the knowledge, acquiescence and sometimes even the assistance of the U.S. Government. Sometimes, I should add, in violation of U.S. law. With one notable exception, we continue to stand by everything we have reported to you, but that exception has to do with a man who is facing confirmation hearings that begin next Monday. Robert Gates is the man nominated to become the next director of Central Intelligence, and simple fairness requires that we address again and in a prominent fashion, at the beginning of this broadcast, a charge that we made against Mr. Gates back in July, namely, that he was deeply involved as deputy director of the CIA in a major covert operation that funneled weapons and technology to Iraq.


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