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VIDEO: CIA and MI6 were told before invasion that Iraq had no active WMD

This is a brand new documentary 'The Spies who fooled the world' (Should have been called the Politicians who fooled the world!)

It tells how both the USA and the Brits framed the Iraq war with false flag statements from so-called 'intelligence' right from the get-go.

All the false evidence came down to a couple of fabricators, the most notorious called 'Curve-Ball' who smirks as he is interviewed at the end.

Even though the CIA and MI6 knew their evidence was false and told Colin Powell the evidence was false, Powell, Bush and Blair just went ahead and quoted these falsehoods as facts anyway...

Play from around 25mins for the USA part. The first half is mainly from the Brits perspective.


UPDATE: related article -

MI6 and CIA were told before invasion that Iraq had no active WMD
'Fresh evidence has been revealed about how MI6 and the CIA were told through secret channels by Saddam Hussein's foreign minister and his head of intelligence that Iraq had no active weapons of mass destruction.'

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Funny near the end when the

Funny near the end, the CIA guy says he told his senior officer that the source of the disinformation was a well known fabricator and the interviewer says: 'They say they never got that info'. He replies 'Well I KNOW they did!'



Bush and Cheney wanted war

Bush and Cheney wanted war from the start, and the rat bastards surrounding them were only too eager to feed them the "intelligence" they wanted to hear. Imperialism, ain't it grand?

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At least people will start to

At least people will start to fully realize how this whole charade was a set-up a full 11 months, according to the documentary (probably quite a number of years really) before this sham of a war actually started!

The Israeli Weapons of Mass

The Israeli Weapons of Mass Destruction Program needs to be Exposed!


chilling smirk !

that smirk from Curve Ball at the end was chilling.
imagine what kind of a psychopath he must be, to revel in the information of the destruction he has caused !!

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Yes it really is chilling

Yes it really is chilling that the info. from a simple toad like 'Curve Ball' could be used as an excuse to go in and kill so many people with inane made up stories that the CIA and MI6 KNEW were made up. Like the comment below says, you would think it was a B movie plot - if only it was!

You have to be Fing kidding

You have to be Fing kidding me. They sold us a Hollywood script, and the American/Great Briton/Western people fell for it hook, line, and sinker. Over a million people were killed because of it in the USA and UK name. The mainstream media were complicit in it selling the war to the American people.

The MSM and the people involved need to be held to their world crimes and pay dearly for their crimes. We can only hope the rest of the planet go easy on us.

More people should watch or read this

You may think, ''Yeah we know - Iraq was all lies'' but if more people just took a little time to read or watch this new information, you may learn a little more on exactly how they duped so many people and got away with it.

Thank You!

Watching right now,WOW!How can these people get away with this????????


The CIA and MI6 then let Bush and Blair spin lies from misinformation!

The writing has been on the wall..

Yes because information from a guy nicknamed "curveball" has to be reliable. Cheney's connections to Halliburton alone should have given the American people an indication that the whole war was a sham. A war contracting corporation that just happens to deal in oil, that also happens to have been discussing the profitability of offering private sector support to the military when Cheney became CEO. The Bush administration was informed well over ten times that Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda were planning using airplanes to attack the US, and they did NOTHING. Cheney even lied by saying that there was no way to see the attack coming. BS. Psychopathic Cheney and his half retarded puppet Bush should be in prison.

Totally agree they should be in prison.

The mechanics of how they duped people are similar to how they finally got Al Capone, not for the horrors of his crimes but for the tax evasion bit. Let's hope whatever they can throw at them eventually sticks - but you know how it often goes!

Duping Delight?

Did I detect a little duping delight there at the end?

i always consider the source...

and BBC is not at the top of my list of valid sources.

however, this show is quite informative.

thanks for posting.

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I learned a lot more about

I learned a lot more about the whole process from this video.

You are absolutely right about considering the source, but this video really is informative about the mechanics of how these lies were propagated in the first place.

Thanks for watching it.

A lot of journalists were

A lot of journalists were part of the propaganda machine. Some journalists believed the lies or if they didn't, they unfortunately couldn't get the proof then. It should not have taken this long to get to the truth but at least it has been brought to light now. Hopefully more people will realize how obviously illegal this war was.

where were the .....

Journalists and news networks and professors?

Most of mine were strongly for war lol


Finally the truth about Iraq!!!

Can't believe how micro thin their so-called 'evidence' of WMDs etc. really was (you have to see it to believe it!)

Only took them 10 years to get all the evidence out at last, this really is well worth the watch...