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B-52s simulate bombing raids over N. Korea

We should not need anymore practice with how to bomb a country. We should be experts by now, ya think?
U.S. B-52 bombers simulated raids over North Korea during military exercises

United States B-52 bombers carried out simulated nuclear bombing raids on North Korea as part of ongoing U.S.-South Korean military exercises, Pentagon officials said on Monday.

Pentagon press secretary George Little told reporters that B-52 bombers from Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, conducted a training mission over South Korea March 8 during war games known as Exercise Foal Eagle.

“It’s not any secret that we are in the midst of sending a very strong signal that we have a firm commitment to the alliance with our South Korean allies,” Little said.
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Is it only me

Or does this look like yet another sorry excuse for money racket of the budget? There is no way anyone can provoke North Korea enough for them to lose it. China won't let them do anything anyway. And won't allow anyone to attack them unless you guarantee that China gets whole Korea in the end a as part of China.

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Excuse to spend money is right, especially during a sequester!

B-52s are not piper cubs. These planes are flying monsters that cost a fortune to keep in the air and that are capable of carrying extinction-event nukes. We seem to want a war somewhere, anywhere. We are trying to provoke someone, IMO. Thanks for the bump.