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Join me and others on Aprile 30th to save our Nation

Republic for the United States of America

A message from National Chaplain
Wade King Butler foreverglory

Chaplain Wade K. Butler

Date: March 11, 2013

To: James Geiger , President: The Republic of United States of America

Dear Mr. President,

I believe this letter is of the utmost importance for our nation. We, as "We the People" and our nation are under the greatest attack we have ever experienced. Every day we see and hear of the increased warfare from around the Republic Free States. I am asking that you would hear my heart in what Father is telling me to do.

Take a look back at our nation's history. WWII was devastating to our fathers and the world, the Vietnam war stole the children of my generation, the Gulf War, the Iraqi War, Afghanistan and all of the other conflicts have done nothing compared to what we are facing today, the total annihilation of America. Our enemies are within our borders now and we have let them take over, even in the highest offices. The war I am talking about is more devastating than all of the other wars combined. It is the "War on our Children, our Souls, our Freedoms, and our Future".

I have gone before the Lord over and over again asking what we are to do. The reply is always the same, "Repent for Your Words; Turn from your wicked ways and return to ME. Call the people into repentance, a National Day of Repentance, for destruction of your nation is at hand."

We have brought this destruction on ourselves. We have chosen our words and will over our Creator's Word to govern ourselves. In doing so we have destroyed our friends as well as our enemies and set into motion a downward spiral that can only be recovered if we go back and deal with our actions, words and deeds.

What brought me to write this letter?

Let me tell you of a situation I was put in several months ago and what the outcome has become. I was headed to a Tres Dias men's ministry conference in Austin. On the night before I was to travel I could not sleep, the same dream and vision kept repeating in my mind. After tossing for hours I got up and asked our Lord what HE wanted and why was I reliving memories from 42 years ago. He was showing me one prom night. I had already graduated and a friend had asked me to take his girlfriend to the prom because he was being deployed and would not be there. You see I was a trusted friend that would not try anything with his girl. That is as long as I did not get drunk, and that night I did. The situation was just short of date rape when I finally came to my senses and stopped. At the time Father was showing me my past I could not even remember the girls' name. All I could say was, "But Lord, you forgave me". HIS reply was, "Yes I did; but you have never dealt with the consequences of that sin". At first I did not understand and I asked what they were. His reply devastated me.

"You never considered what the effect was on the girl". I wept in anguish. Oh Lord what must I do? He said, "Repent for you will soon see the consequences before you".

The next day I was at the men's retreat and in full ministry mode. On that Saturday I got the opportunity to talk with another minister and asked if he had to deal with past consequences of sin and he replied that he had and it was life changing.

Unbeknownst to me a young man in his late 20's was listening in behind me and came to face me. He was an aspiring professional cage fighter who had been saved only two months. He wanted to know more. I told him the story, and the Lord had showed me that the girl in my dream never trusted men again. It had hurt her marriage, her relationship with her son, her daughter had become a lesbian and she was now divorced. He looked me in the eye and said that is literally my family. I was shaking. Would he knock my head off or would this make his life more miserable?

Next I asked what his life was like in dating during high school and college. He was like most young men from broken homes and his life was endlessly seeking someone to love him only then to reject them in fear of being hurt again. We talked about how he had followed the same path in relationships and had hurt many others. He took his anger out fighting; I took mine out becoming an achievement freak. By the time we were finished we were both in tears promising to do all that we could to help others and go home and treat our wives as queens.

Now how does that relate to the Nation?

Over the next several months Father proceeded to show me how America has always been portrayed as a lady and those who should be able to be trusted had violated her over and over again. I was puzzled, I did not understand.

Our first love as a people and as a nation was pledged to Yahweh, (Father, Son and Holy Ghost). Instead we chose to seek after sin and remove HIM from our shores. Because of this we have fallen as a Nation and as a people of favor. Our shores have been breached and our nation fallen under judgment. My immediate response was, "What must we do?" He said, "Repent for the sins of the nation, for the generational curses and consequences of those sins".

The next thing HE said surprised me. He said, "Pray for the youth of the nation that they and their children may be spared from coming destruction".

My immediate thought was OK do you want me to start with those 20 years old and below. He said, "No, the baby boomers in their 6o's and below. I consider 100 years to be as a youth in MY Kingdom". "It is the baby boomers who have opened the door to the sin and destruction the Nation now faces". "When your fathers returned from the many wars they brought with them Eastern religions, drugs, sexual sins, destruction of the innocent through abortions, and disrespect for the older generation". I was so shocked that I could not believe what HE was saying at first. Surely if we are to deal with the generational sins of our nation we need to go back to the founding fathers and the sins of satanic worship, Free Masonry, years of deceit in the capitol and wars for profit, but no....

Father showed me generations of sin, death and destruction that needed to be broken off of the nation as current Generational Curses, but HE wanted me to tell people about the CONSEQUENCES of "OUR" generational sins and how, if our nation is to survive those sins must be dealt with or, they too will carry onto our children and children's children.

Our nation was established based on the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and more importantly the WORD OF GOD, from which all laws were established. Our own infighting amongst the states, political parties and churches have caused separation, destroyed people's lives, and we are now as far apart as third world nations that do not align with anyone, least of all Yahweh. All have sinned and fallen short of the Glory that God wanted for our Nation.

I asked what we must do.

He replied, "We must deal with our sins, restore our rightful heritage of faith, stop killing our own and our children, and repent". Only then will He move on our behalf, and restore The United States of America. 2 Chronicles 7:14, " If my people who are called by MY Name will humble themselves, and pray and seek MY face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and forgive their sins and I will heal their land."

The next verse is often overlooked as unimportant for today but let's look at what it really says. "Now MY eyes will be open and MY ears attentive to the prayer made in this place." What place, Solomon's Temple? No! This place, our hearts, our Nation.

Let's look at what the consequences are IF we do not follow after HIM but instead turn to our own ways..... "And as for this house, (nation) which is exalted, everyone who passes by it will be astonished and say, 'Why has the Lord done this to this land (judged this nation) and this house?'"

"Then they will answer, 'Because they forsook the Lord God of their fathers, who brought them out of the land of Egypt, (old world) and embraced other gods, and worshiped them and served them; therefore HE has brought all of this calamity (judgment) on them.'"
2 Chronicles 7:21-22

Such as it is, that is exactly the state of our nation today!

"In this political environment that we have today, that is both hostile and volatile against any view that goes against the grain of "Political Correctness," which views are mostly morally incorrect according to our Bible, the fact is we as a nation have lost our way; and we have all but lost sight of our founding values and principals that once made our nation great. We have, as a people abandoned the principles of our founding fathers."

How does this prevailing attitude that is all too common in our society and culture today, line up against the attitude of our Founding Fathers; where the first act of Congress in 1782 was to print Bibles to be distributed in our public schools all across this young nation, so that this would never happen in America, where our young people would forget their God?!

In this vacuum that was left behind, after God and His Word were taken out of our class rooms, the world and the enemy of mankind (who is Satan) has certainly come in to fill that void, and to take over!

What else did we expect would happen, but exactly what we are seeing today?

In a speech, Mother Teresa, at the 1994 National Prayer Breakfast, held in conjunction with the National Religious Broadcasters' Convention began her address by reading the scriptures, and she gave a message that virtually stunned this assembly of politicians and dignitaries, including the President and Vice President of the United States.

Here is the main thrust of what she said:

"..[for] if we accept that a mother can kill even her own child, how can we tell people not to kill each other?"

...The greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion."

Mother Teresa," wrote Charles Colson after the event

"was invariably polite and respectful. She did not flinch in speaking the truth. She demonstrated civility wedded to bold conviction, confronting world leaders with a message of biblical righteousness."

I believe that we have to go back to where we began, as a nation, if we are to survive; and that means that we have to first humble ourselves, repent, and return to faith in God and to His Word." From: Sparks from the Anvil of Life, February 11, 2013. Skip Barland.

We are in a "NOW" timeline!

On September 25, 2012 over three hundred churches and thousands of Christians joined together and declared a National Day of Repentance. I am asking that we take up the banner beginning with a national posting prior to Passover to all leadership and those who call themselves Christian where we address the nation calling for repentance and restoration. You have the ability to draw a nation together more so than anyone I know. You hear from our Father and you speak what you hear. I pray that you would ask Father what He has to say on the matter. If we are to succeed we MUST repent and take the nation back.

I am asking for us to join the "National Day of Repentance"The next day chosen for "National Day of Repentance" is Tuesday, April 30, 2013, which is the 224th anniversary of the Inauguration of President George Washington. On that April 30th day in 1789 in New York City President Washington took the first oath of office, adding "so help me God" to his oath to uphold the Constitution. In his short inaugural address he repeatedly thanked God for the miracles that founded this nation. Afterwards President Washington and members of Congress walked to nearby St. Paul's Chapel and held a prayer service honoring God for His abundant blessings on the new nation called the United States. They saw Christ as the giver of the Liberty upon which the new nation was founded. Having sought the Living God with humble hearts the Lord responded and clearly blessed this nation for generations.

It falls on a night of our regular calls and I recommend the join houses plus all branches of the Republic and that it be made available to the entire Republic. In reality I understand that the nation as a whole will not follow, but enough will. In that we may be able to stand once again as a nation, of the people, for the people and by the people under GOD, in whom we truly trust.

In Christ for the soul of our Nation,
Wade Butler
National Chaplain
The Republic for the United States of America

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