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Disinformation Campaign on Hemp Intensifies

I hadn't looked up information on hemp in months, and can't believe how the disinformation campaign has intensified since KY voted on this issue! After sorting through a massive amount of propaganda, here is a decent article. Thought the link might be of interest. Many people don't know much about hemp, and it can provide a good opening for discussions on liberty.


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How right you are, Sir!

Good article on hemp, too. I like the numbered lists that get straight to the meat and potatoes.

I think most here already understand what the tens of thousands of uses this plant has. Prohibition was never about getting high or cannabis. It was about supressing fuel so oil could boom.

Considering the "debt" this country is in, I don't understand how this solution wasn't brought forth sooner.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.