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Does the Liberty Movement Need a "General" To Get Truly Organized?

I'm NOT advocating violence. I'm always for peaceful resistance unless of course it's in defense of life and limb. What I am saying is that I personally would feel much more confident in the strength of this movement and it's chances of success if it had an effective chain of command.


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Before I construct my

Before I construct my arguments in full, let me ask you some questions.

Is that your website?

Are credits transferable between dealers?

Are all customers "vendors"?

Is there any way to attain credits without having anything to trade?

How do dealers decide how many credits to create, and how do they create them?

How does the dealer value his inventory?

Are the number of dealers limited by the system in any way, say in a particular locality?

Thank you for your questions.

I will walk directly into this trap if you will allow me another rebuttal after you reply declaring victory :)

Is that your website? I own nothing. I'll swear it on a bible if I have to... either that or I own everything... depends on your perspective ;-)

Are credits transferable between dealers? No. I was actually envisioning some third party coming along to rate the value of different Dealer's credits. Could be a nice little business for someone. There are already many different types of competing currencies already. This is the only one that anyone can start themselves, begin to promote and have the final say on what is it's TANGIBLE value (because it's backed by something tangible).

The purpose behind Bart-Mart as well is to localize economies - localized economies are strong economies. If you as the Dealer however, can make thru all of your Vendors EVERYTHING available that your community needs why would they need to leave home except for a vacation? An interesting side-effect makes that possible too.

Are all customers "vendors"? All people are Vendors, some people are also Dealers.

Is there any way to attain credits without having anything to trade? Yes. That was an early issue I needed to wrestle with and I feel it's been solved (with the help of some very smart people of course). Basically it's a "trust but verify" system. Since there are 4 agents on every trade - there are 4 potential "spies" who can bust you if you're not being a trustworthy Dealer.

And heck yes ;-) That's the first time I've used "trust but verify" to explain exactly what that is so TYVM :)

How do dealers decide how many credits to create, and how do they create them? Vendor sends a credit request attached to some inventory - Dealer views the amount of credits Vendor offers, then either counters or accepts the offer. The third time back and forth is the final offer. After physical exchange Dealer may adjust for a new offer if he's not happy - Vendor accepts and then Dealer approves the credit - one button manages the math in the transaction - updates agent accounts (there are 4 total agents on every transaction) - updates inventory.

How does the dealer value his inventory? In private electronic credits. If your name is Bob you can call them "Bobs" if you want. Mainly I would stick with the generic "credits" until you've managed to vanquish the banksters in your area ;-)

Are the number of dealers limited by the system in any way, say in a particular locality? Not limited by the system in any way - no proprietary areas - HOWEVER - consider what it takes to manage a very well run Bart-Mart that is say 10 times the size of Wal-Mart. There would be hundreds of thousands of choices... different things people didn't want to throw out and thought were useful: They exchanged it all for credits which were good on things they needed and saved their cash.

If the Dealer running that business is honorable and doing a good job, why would you want to compete with him? Also once he is established in a local community how COULD you compete with him unless HE destroys his own business or some of his helpers do.

I VERY much appreciate this mental stretching on the system. One last thing - it's should be noted that YOUR trading post is completely independent of any other and not effected by issues with dishonorable Dealers (other that you looking better than they do).

Can you tell me a bit

Can you tell me a bit more?

Who are the "4 agents" on every trade?

How do dealers, technically, create credits?

How do dealers pay credits to vendors?

How are credit records stored?


4 agents are the Dealer and Vendor agents and grand-agents.

Your agent is whoever referred you to bart-mart. Anyone can be a Dealer or just a Vendor.

The system creates the credits automatically as Dealer's take in new inventory.

Hmm Dealers do not pay credits to vendors - per say. Dealers would perhaps pay credits to laborers to help organize inventory though. The funds for paying those people come out of the Dealer's account funded by the one-time markup on items and pledges.

Right now records are stored online - I would really like to open source this and set it up similar to bitcoin with "nodes" where every client is a node. With the server records you can also get (has not been implemented yet) a daily/weekly or monthly download of your records so that if you ever go offline you can still run your bart-mart on paper.

You don't theoretically need bart-mart to do this - bart-mart just teaches you HOW and then you could actually do this yourself independently of bart-mart. The system just takes care of the work.

I would one day like to see hand-held "calculators" that do what bart-mart does - or a cross platform app for your phone... big things can happen if people want to support this.

It would be a start.

We are scattered globally.

A good leader(s)

is essential.

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
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