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Disabled Veteran WARNS: Do Not Test Anthrax Vaccine on Children!

Disabled Veteran(because of the anthrax vaccine!), and current Texae pastor of a reformed Baptist Church, devotes one of his News In Focus podcasts to warn/plea with Americans: DO NOT ALLOW ONE SINGLE CHILD TO BE INJECTED WITH THE ANTHRAX VACCINE!!!


Listen, and act!

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found the Reuters article...

Test of anthrax vaccine in children gets tentative OK


I received a MMR vaccine which was required to go to my university, but I've never felt the same since. It was as if something felt wrong right after the shot; perpetual slight sick feeling or something, lasting for years. I've regretted it ever since.

A couple random thoughts:

I don't know what I was shot up with in basic training,(early 70's)but I swear that I still feel side effects.

If you posted this on Reddit, it would get shouted down. I think all the Big Pharma shills hang out there.

I'm holding back on my last thought.

Marine corp - early 90's

I have no clue either - but there was nor shortage of shots being given. Clearly these went beyond your normal tetanus and basic stuff. There were just too many.

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