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Expose the Fluoride Deception and A Deputy Sheriff May Show You the Door




To understand in a comprehensive manner what transpired in the video above one has to first fully understand the background and context of my effort as an individual to end the practice of fluoridating our public water supplies in Durham, North Carolina.

If you have been following this blog you may already be aware of my journeys as a turd through the bowels of Durham’s city government so if you want to skip to the culminating event, Click Here.

In order to put the culminating event in the proper context what follows is a chronologically succinct account of my efforts which all lead up to the rather climactic events from this past Thursday evening.

My Awakening

In December 2011 I was getting dental work done on my back molars when I was inspired to ask the question,

“Is there Fluoride in the drinking water?”

The dentist replied,

“Yes of course!”

I had always heard fluoride was in the drinking water but never quite understood how drinking it would do any good for just my teeth but not affect other parts of my body – so I asked

“Why is it in the drinking water again?”

The simple yet oft repeated response came without surprise,

“It’s good for your dental enamel.”

The problem with this statement is that it is never accompanied by anything more than anecdotal evidence and in my case, the anecdotal evidence was not so supportive of drinking fluoride. You see, I was diagnosed early on with having a defect known as “Dental Fluorosis” which is the literal degradation and deterioration of dental enamel. This condition I believe is partly responsible for my needing such dramatic dental work done in the first place. Naturally, such a contradiction of circumstances caused me to question the official rhetoric on this topic and lead me to do a great deal of research.



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You Can Criticize my Approach

You Can Criticize my Approach But I have An Approach.

What Are You DOing About It Besides Telling Me To Change My Approach If You Know The Truth And Have Nothing To Learn From Me?

I seriously doubt water fluoridation caused your dental problems

I oppose water fluoridation for a myriad of ethical and scientific reasons, but it seems as if you have come down with INFOWARITIS. Don't let certain fear-mongerers (ahem Alex Jones and Mike Adams) get you hysterical, as there is a lot of pseudoscience being pushed by these kinds of activists. Don't get me wrong, I oppose water fluoridation, but I think you have been duped and are unnecessarily paranoid.

I am limited with what I can tell you without examining you in person, but it seems as if you have very, very MILD dental fluorosis. I'm basing this on what seems to be suble white streaks on your teeth, though lights can be deceiving. This would have happened by exposure to fluoride in your childhood, and it does not make your more susceptible to caries (cavities). Flouride slows down enamel demineralization, making your enamel harder and more resistent to destruction by bacteria. This is not anectdotal. This mechanism has been researched and demonstrated for decades. If anything, your fluoride exposure slowed the rate of tooth decay, not accelerated it.

Your radiographs(not x-rays, those are invisible to the naked eye) do show some lesions in the molars, but there are several potential causes for this. Usually it is an oral hygiene issue, but some people just have poor genetics and an aggressive oral flora.

Your gingiva (gums) look shiny and slightly inflammed, which are signs of gingivitis. Calculus and plaque are noticable in several areas, which is another factor suggesting gingivitis. Do your gums bleed when your brush/floss or when the dentist probes them? If so, this is not the fault of fluoride.

I am on your side here. I support your fight against water fluoridation, but I don't want you to look foolish in the process.

Also you owe it to yourself

Also you owe it to yourself to watch this


If you think you can fear monger a dentist you are mistaken

We know full well the dangers of concentrated inorganic fluorides. We use hydrofluoric acid to etch ceramic because it is one of the few chemicals capable of doing so. If you spill it it immediately penetrates right to the bone. You are not teaching me anything.

This is exactly what I'm talking about. Your website reads like an Alex Jones rant and contains blatant misinformation as propaganda to fear monger. This is not the way to debate academics and professionals.


In your response you actually made legitimate points regarding systemic effects and unconsented medical treatment. Why didn't you mske this intelleftual approach initially?

You know - we've been fed

You know - we've been fed processed food, sugars, sodas, alcohol, heavy metals, and all sorts of other vices. Of course my overall dental condition has other factors to consider.

There are a multitude, a myriad of contributing factors which admittedly are responsible for the current oral condition I suffer from. Heck I was a swimmer in highschool and college I definitely believe exposure to chlorine and other pool chemicals would also have something to do with my teeth being the way they are.

That's not my issue and although it is written about I really don't try to make it the issue. The reason my dental condition is ever mentioned is expressly for the purpose of demonstrating what kind of psychological contradictions were present which caused me to look into the issue in the first place.

The real story is what happened after I looked into the issue - which is the majority of my article and the purpose of my website. The fact is, even if I have MILD fluorosis then this is an expression of overexposure. Aren't I allowed to mention that and be upset about it?

It's the VISIBLE symptom - but if I'm swallowing it that must mean a whole host of other organs are overexposed....So what does that mean? These questions are what people need to focus on, not playing dentist on me - the messenger.

You needed a bunch of

You needed a bunch of supporters with you..... Speak up at the right time and be removed.... the next steps up... and so on....


decay comes from all the crappy processed foods we ingest nowadays.

also all the corn syrup we drink.

indigenous african tribes dont need no stinking flouride.

tim wright is a total lying fucktard.

this is a badass site for flouride info.

big BUMP!!

"He's this eccentric Ghandi-Like figure that you cant touch with the normal bribes that people respond to."
the man Doug Wead on DR. RON PAUL

Don't forget

If you read the full story you will notice how I have networked with other liberty lovers and began an all out assault on Chapel Hill & Raleigh's perpetuation of this nonsense.

Thus the site http://www.raleighagainstfluoride.com was born which is an extension of my site and its own effort in and of itself.

Lots of videos and information to digest on there...It applies to our area but also pretty much every municipality that fluoridates as it elucidates very clearly the process one should take when trying to challenge the government officials on this topic. You have to get over the fear if you are going to make the difference!


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"Robert's Rules of Order" - Ask a question.

Robert's Rules of Order Motion Chart
As in jeopardy, ask a question. "Point of information. Isn't the fluoride you are adding to our water a toxic waste... Not naturally occurring?" You may be ruled "Out of order" by the chair. Enough said.

Incidental Motions. No order of precedence. These motions arise incidentally & decided immediately.
PURPOSE: Request for information YOU SAY: Point of information

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