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EPJ: Rand Paul Dreams of 12 Million New Taxpayers

Rand Paul shared his take on the benefits of illegal immigrants becoming citizens:

“Imagine 12 million people who are already here coming out of the shadows to become new taxpayers. Twelve million more people assimilating into society. Twelve million more people being productive contributors.”

What an idea! More taxpayers!

And when they become taxpayers, at that point, they become "productive contributors".

Do you see even a tinge of libertarian-oriented thinking there? I don't. The above logic is something that I'd expect from Nancy Pelosi's lips.


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Yeah, I'd rather they just

Yeah, I'd rather they just keep draining the system.

Has EPJ always been such a tabloid? I never really noticed until recently. Love their word choice... "dreams of". Losers.

or they can just stay in the

or they can just stay in the shadows and drain the system. I commend Rand for doing something and offering solutions. This will be one to watch.