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Smudge Pot's secret friendship with SPLC

I'm coming out. For about 6 years I have attempted to cultivate a relationship with SPLC. I was partially successful but I guess I mostly failed.

I have a contact in SPLC but I won't share their name because this conversation could get them fired. Let's call this person Hank.

I got Hank on the Ernest Hancock show about 2 years ago and tried to press it, follow up on it, keep this communication going because this fight we have with SPLC (more appropriately the fight they have with us) makes absolutely no sense to me.

Founded by two progressive lawyers in the early 1970s, SPLC was initiated to secure the rights of prisoners in jail and there was a distinct, if not constitutional element, at least the recognition that even prisoners have rights. And they were totally against the instututionalized racism and classism that exists to this day in our court system.


Well the clock didn't stop there, they are about attacking the elements of society they perceive to be about inequity and oppression of the weak and this seems to have led to this characterization of us being white, intollerant, rich and hateful.

The hideously ironic thing to me is WE CAN IDENTIFY THIS CHARACTERIZATION. WE CALL THEM RINOS OR COUNTRY CLUB REPUBLICANS. AND YES, WE CAN ATTEST THAT THIS EXISTS ALONG WITH STORMFRONT AND THE KKK. By and large we agree that those types are a bunch of pathological stupenotic jerkwipes. And racism? Forget about it, our core ethics reject identity politics based on race and by the way, I'm a person of mixed race and so is Sophron who is like a God in chat, here's Noystrom the part Asian, we got Jews For Ron Paul, Muslims For Ron Paul, here's TMOT in his car ranting and raving, not too many people know one of our most eloquent political writers Will Griggs is black because frankly it really doesn't matter to us anyway, I mean come on seriously?

Somehow this whole thing is all wrong and I'm not trying to imply this is our fault. But some problems in life we fix no matter who's fault it is. Somebody has to stop this cycle of stupidity before it gets totally out of hand and this whole thing comes down to fear and mistrust. And I simply expect you to understand that fear and mistrust can get out of hand very quickly and to grievous effect. But I still have one card to play.

Brothers and sisters I believe I can still bring us to table based on my relationship with Hank.

I can get Hank to table, we can do radio interviews, call-ins, questions and answers and hopefully clear some air and build some basic trust. This is radical front-line peace making in the active form. Very advanced stuff.

Great Smudge so if you had this power all along why didn't you just make it happen already?

Excellent question. See I already have this contact and have begun this trust but it really doesn't mean JACK DOODLEY SQUAT if an old walrus like me makes peace with SPLC all that really matters is YOU YOUNG PEOPLE MOVING FORWARD. You are the future and I am a relic. If you can't make peace with these people nothing I do matters.

Big conclusion.

A long time ago was a great chief called Black Kettle. He was a highly respected leader but his occupation was known as "peace chief". Most people know of our great war chiefs like Red Cloud and Seattle but not many people know we had peace chiefs and their mission was mostly dispute resolution. And they tried and ostensibly failed to broker a peace between the white and red nations but they did not fail entirely, they BOUGHT TIME and what would have been an ABSOLUTE GENOCIDE was modified into a military defeat, and in fairness this was due in no small part by Eastern white people of conscience that withheld some of the stronger aspects of the war-hawks of the day.

In certain cases in Native America, some who were misguided and tried to lead the people were punished for failure. Poor Wo-Wo-Ka the guy that invented the Ghost Shirt concept was literally torn limb from limb, ripped to pieces because he had a vision that if everybody wore these Ghost Shirts we would be impervious to bullets. Boy was he wrong about that but he got a lot of people to believe him and they just got shredded. Decimated. It was freaking ugly. The people then chose to impart their gratitude to Wo-Wo-Ka as described. Very ugly. But when you lead and let the people down you pay a price.

BUT NOT SO WITH BLACK KETTLE. He's still revered because not matter what or when, he tried to preserve his people and in this he was partially successful and he did it through not-primarily-military-means. And while his warriors did some of the most brilliant rear-guard actions in military history while as many people escaped as could, he remained a peace chief all his life.


Well yeah uh, we're talking about a warrior culture and all males in this culture were warriors or something related to it. That's just part of the tool set like nowadays a man is supposed to know the difference between a Phillips head screwdriver and a standard. Like every kid these days is supposed to know how to use an X-box or iWhathaveyou. That was standard-issue.

But what does it mean to be a warrior for peace?

For as long as my people's people can remember we have attempted to do this very thing. Be warriors but try to create and maintain peace. And I make this call to you now:

If you hear this call to peace you know and you are ready already. You have always known. Take my hand. Take my hand if you want our people to live.

And together we will make the signs if peace and see if we can get the people who are talking ABOUT each other to talk TO each other. And I will introduce you to Hank. And then we shall see.

And then we shall see what we can buy for the price of peace.

And now I absolutely know that if we don't do this,

If we don't try this,

nobody else will. Because so far as far as I can tell nobody has the balls to do this.


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Well, I Did Not Read Much of...

...your treatise, but I will express my succinct thoughts related to the SPLC, aka, the Southern Preposterous Lie Center.

I have zero interest in coming to the table with globalist-collectivist enemies of the Constitution and of Liberty....and, lastly...f-u-c-k them, their goals, their mission and their friends and supporters.

That is all.

So long story short smudge

can we get Hank on to answer some questions? My talkshoe is available and anyone who wants to join the call can listen in and ask questions.

As far as this goes:
Founded by two progressive lawyers in the early 1970s, SPLC was initiated to secure the rights of prisoners in jail and there was a distinct, if not constitutional element, at least the recognition that even prisoners have rights. And they were totally against the instututionalized racism and classism that exists to this day in our court system.

Please name one of these cancers that started up WITHOUT a song and dance about "helping people?"

Good post smudge. You don't su*k quite as bad today as usual.

Yes. Answer is yes without equivocation.


The one thing I owe this trust is it not turn into a beat-down or hate fest. This one requires delicate handling.

You down?

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.

Did you listen to the constitution/anarchy debate on there?

Yes I'm down. You should give that a listen if you haven't already. I'm much less abrasive to your face :-P This is a chat box... I don't have to see your reaction. If I actually HEAR you YELL at me well then that's a different story.

I don't like that very much :-P

no kidding?

You have a talk show? I had no idea. Got a URL, in case I'm not the only reader that doesnt know you have a talk show or where to tune-in?


Fancy Shmancy Fine Print:

Well not show... shoe.

Technically nobody on "radio" has a "show" right?

Give it a listen if you like :)

So I guess I'll prep you to meet Hank.

So what can you expect when you talk to Hank?

Very down to Earth, kinda plain and natural, very pleasant. Conversation can go anywhere but Hank enjoys talking about food, we keep making these plans to hook up at various restaurants but so far some schedule conflict always pops up.

Last time Hank missed a date he said they were busy compiling this year's hate-list. For real. We missed lunch because Hank was busy putting everybody we know on their shibbit libbist. A real gag is me and Ernie Hancock ask them every year to be on that list and in jest, well only partially in jest Hank says "because we know perfectly well you WANT to be on that list".

But hey, when you open up lines of communication, you get these little gems. And that's them being honest with us and to have honesty you have to have trust.

Know what kinda solids up Hank's and my relationship now? We both went through the experience of having and losing a sick dad. It wasn't my politics or my native wisdom or anything I said or did but say aw crap, Hank, I'm going through the same thing over here and man is it hard. And I'm sorry.

Well that's what did it. In this instance our humaity overcame all this politics

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.

Even though I'm still a little fumed at you now

I'd still give you a hug if you needed it ;-)

I'm trying not to imagine

staying mad at you. With your energy against my experience we have a fire-meets-water thing. We could easily destroy each other but it would be a mythic epic battle. A true popcorn moment.

However in this post I am selling the path of peace. Not a highly appropriate place for us to pull out the tomahawks.

I trust, Vince that you will have ample chances to beat my brains out in public in the future but I will count it as a fave if you respect this thread as a post of peace.

Somebody has to try bro.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.