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The people of the world will not quietly allow the NWO to confiscate their savings accounts and pensions.

Nor will they succumb to being tricked into complying with being taxed to death by government Debt to pay for empire building NWO wars. What is going on has to change.

Maybe it is going to take a crisis to move the global population against the criminals who seek to rule the world with a jack booted police state. It would be unfortunate if it comes down to another French / Russian / American Revolution. The problem was the same in every case; rich elitists monarchists ruling the masses who were taxed to death, and kept in fear and poverty.

This cycle of history keeps repeating, and now it is going global with these same families wanting to rule the world. They have some ancient sense of entitlement to rule the masses (the divine right of kings).

There are many, perhaps most of us, who just want to live quiet lives of simple abundance close to nature, having enough, comfortable without greed for more, keeping the fruits of our own labor. I cannot relate to the kind of mind that lusts for power, control, wealth, and stages empire building illegal wars without empathy for the suffering it causes. Who ARE these people?

If they can't be voted out what is another option? Most of us are against violence and seek a peaceful way of ridding ourselves of "bullies" who are robbing us even now, and playing mind control games with the people. Does it have to come to global revolution?

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