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I am considering taking the mandated auto insurance laws on in court in Pennsylvania. Any suggestions?

I am tired of being violated and impoverished by unjust laws

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If you win, your whole

If you win, your whole state's legal code will be tied in knots. Should be interesting.

This was successfully done some years ago...

In one of the northern states, this was done in reverse!

By that I mean, it was successfully argued in a court case resultant to a PI, personal injury case (auto accident), that since the state required the citizen to purchase auto insurance, and in addition the state fined those who did not produce proof of insurance when stopped by a police officer of that state... get this... the state therefore could be held as a party to the lawsuit stemming from the accident!

In other words, the state was found to be co-liable along with the insurance company, for damages. All because the state was the author of the requirement to buy insurance and punished the driver for failing to have the insurance the state required them to have.

In the case I read about some years ago, to escape liability the state was finding and reimbursing all the people who had been fined for failure to produce evidence of insurance coverage! It was anticipated at that time that the decisions of those state courts could be precedent setting in other states.

It will take some time to track that down, but I believe it was in Minnesota, Wisconsin, or Michigan, maybe during the Gov. Jesse era. I will post if I can find the material.

Please DO find and post....

and perhaps forward to an aggressive law firm for possible class action suit. This should get the states to reconsider forced insurance (including Health?).

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If available, please post

See if you can Self Insure

The link below might be a good place to start. You could possibly work it in a way that you're trying to self-insure yourself and if that is denied because you don't qualify you could start your fight there.


Good luck and keep us posted!


I don't believe in insurance (let alone state mandates), and see it as a form of speculation.

To see other innocents threatened by violence into participating however, disturbs me greatly and is another why these unjust laws should be annulled

Common Law (aka Court of Record)

If you are truly serious you must use Common Law (CL) proceedings called Court of Record. Otherwise, you are servant to the judge and the statutes he is required to push upon you.

CL is what our founder studied and put forward in the constitution. Read Frederic Bastiat's The Law to comprehend better but understand that legislatures create statutues, which they call laws, on behalf of the special interests. CL is the will of the tribunal which is the plaintiff or a jury called upon by the defense. The judge is only a magistrate or an administrator of the proceedings, he does not judge.

If however you plead "guilty", "not guilty", or no contest in an arraignment you fall automatically under the judge's jurisdiction. The judge and DA will have there way with you.

To learn more check us out here for more information - http://www.newyorkcommitteemen.org/judicial/common/law.html

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I suggest you win.

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Yeah, don't do this in Penn.

Do this in NH. Keene NH. When the courts stike your case down (lets be honest they are brainwashed) they will use it as a reference case to strike down any other challenge.

In fact, if you are hell bent make sure you do it in NH first to get a feel of the water. A court case win there will give you ammunition to fight in Penn.

Right now your taking a paper gun to personal defense weapon (*DHS definition of a full-auto) fight.


I shouldn't have to relocate to assert the principles of my personal agency.

Hence if I do step in court, it's to defend my autochthonic ground

My suggestion: Kick their @ss!

It will be a hell of an uphill battle, but it is a state mandate that has set alot of horrible precedents. Should a person just barely making ends meat, and driving a rattle-trap, be mandated to pay a very significant percentage of their income to a private corporation? These laws have always been away to protect the property of the rich from the less fortunate. Here in Michigan the mandated insurance is no fault, with no limit on lawsuits, and therefore its VERY EXPENSIVE. I dont even try to insure it. Luckily I havent been pulled over for years, and if I do, I'll tell the officer I just cannot afford it, and hope to receive some empathy.

The worst part is the way that people who buy insurance do get their car damaged, and still dont submit a claim for repairs for fear of skyrocketing rates!

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Mandated insurance laws pre-judge guilt without innocence, and thus are unprincipled.

They are presumptuous also because a person could have greater damages than what a defendant may afford in policy, thus showing such edicts as being impractical; ultimately if an individual is concerned about unexpected loss, I believe they should assume stewardship for themselves and leave others out of it

As a fellow Pennslyvanian

I can tell you it will be a long trip to any challenge of the laws. Right now I'm in the middle of a case that centers on the "implied consent" clause of our drivers licenses. I'm arguing the since Obama's "Economic Stimulus" package utilized monies from the general fund to repair and pave highways which aren't accessible to foot or bicycle traffic the premise that driving is a privilege and not a right is in error and if so no one can be forced to relinquish any of their Constitutional rights to partake of the benefits of those same monies. The case is up for trial next week after two and a half years of jockeying. Stay tuned.

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Best of luck

I appreciate what you are doing.

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    Good luck

    And it's good to know that I'm not the only one in the fight.

    If helpful, I've been informing my arguments through some of these sources


    Bring every lucky charm on

    Bring every lucky charm on town with you....

    The one thing I think about

    The one thing I think about insurance is that it should cover you and not the other person. This way, people are responsible for themselves and not other people, Therefore, there is no reason to force people to have insurance because if they screw up without it, they are screwed alone.
    Plus if someone thinks they have been wronged in some way, they already sue to get something.(not that alot of sueing is quite frivolous)

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