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"National Popular Vote" Bill Needs Your Support. House Vote Coming Very Soon. Act Now!

[Editors/posters note: Please notice that this only pertains to presidential elections, NOT state elections for senate or anything else.]

Online activism? Easy. Make a difference.

Visit NationalPopularVote.com, enter zip code, and press "Go".

Four out of Five Americans were ignored in 2012 Presidential Election.

The "National Popular Vote" bill would guarantee the Presidency to the
candidate who receives the most popular votes in all 50 states.

The "National Popular Vote" bill was just approved by
a House committee, and the bill is expected to come up for a vote on
the House floor very soon.

"National Popular Vote" Bill Is Now at Half-Way Point.

This is the moment when legislators decide which bills to support, so
please tell your State legislators to support the "National
Popular Vote" bill.

Here is a recent video criticizing the Electoral College:
Video Link: The Daily Rundown: Scrap the System?

Here is some background on the Electoral College at: Scholastic.com

Here is a Daily Paul post on the Electoral College: http://www.dailypaul.com/228763/lesson-how-the-electoral-col...

Let's fix this beast. Act now!

Visit NationalPopularVote.com, enter zip code, and press "Go".

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Yes, against all of it

Start up a private, mesh-based network with other economic activists and abandon "internet" altogether.

Similar, if not simple, solutions exist for every other form of egregious leviathan fraud.

Takes courage, for sure, more courage than "Hit the streets and scream at politicians about all the stuff you demand from others" (I'm looking in your direction, Europe). Economic activism is the only legitimate way forward for civilization, ever.

Put it this way: only one form of activism is intended to be an easy "special interest" way forward based on coercing others. Here is a decent read: http://www.amazon.com/State-Franz-Oppenheimer/dp/1115878689/...

Again, it's not easy. Many people will claim that "...it's a waste of time, the system is set up already so work instead from within." Such people, of course, have already dedicated themselves to a life of corruption.

Garan's picture

I would say do both.

The more successful the private network becomes, the less likely the public network will be controlled, since the alternative network makes over-all control unfeasible. Honestly, ultimately, I don't think information communication is controllable. It's a new era. Centralization of power is impossible with open systems and information. However, the attempts of control may create atrocious tragedies along the way.

One thing I'll point out though, is that the public network actually is a bunch of private organizations that happen to offer public access and aside from paid access points, offers free communication and information (as well as non-free). All done without the need for the protections of a central government. It was created in the academic world (even though the initial contracts were from government defense contracts). I would say it probably would have been created without defense spending as well. The need, possibility, invention, and innovation was an inevitable evolution in my opinion.

I guess I'm rambling. So I'll just stop.
I'll check out your link later. Thanks.