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Newtown sees jump in gun permit applications

Newtown sees jump in gun permit applications

Published March 19, 2013
Associated Press

NEW HAVEN, Conn. – Applications for gun permits have jumped in Newtown, Conn., since a school massacre there revived the national debate on gun control and led to worries about new restrictions.

Newtown in recent years has issued about 130 gun permits annually. Police say the town received 79 permit applications in the three months since the Dec. 14 massacre, well over double the normal pace.

Robert Berkins, records manager for Newtown police, says many applicants are expressing concerns that their gun rights will be taken away.

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Didn't the people of Newtown get the memo...

...that guns are bad because someone (allegedly) committed a crime with them there?

Oh the nerve of these people trying to exercise their rights against the desires of the gun control crusaders.

I always find it funny how

I always find it funny how our politicians put on a big show about their gun control measures and how Americans everywhere are begging for more "Common Sense" laws. In the meantime out in the real world people are buying guns faster than we can produce them.

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.