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Ron Paul: This is Price Fixing at Its Worst - Fox Business 3/20/2013

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Below is an excerpt of my

Below is an excerpt of my comment in a post tonight displaying the interview of fresh-to-hit-the-scene, print-a-gun guy Cody Wilson on Alex Jone's show:

The deposit thievery is another tool to force people out of the dollar. Into -- silver, gold and digital currency.

Those three currencies are global and the last one alone can be monitored. Silver and gold, depending on their relationship to corporations and governments, will or can be monitored. The relationships among corporations, all bound to global law or national laws that defer to global law, is how the worth of silver and gold will be monitored and kept stable, stationary, solidifying everyone's place where they are. The word sustainable isn't without reason, a nefarious reason. Sustainable: locked in place.

Even though I respect, campaigned for and thoroughly enjoy listening to RP, I disagree with him and anyone else who promotes gold, silver, digital currency and any other currency whose use is global. The promotion of those currencies (ones involving the Distributor Effect, or Pyramid Scheme) and any other such currency is the second phase of one world government. The first phase was creating and going through the events that raised the currency responsible for empire, the United States dollar.

Is there anyone else who sees gold, silver and digital currency as mechanisms to consolidate say-so, or control, of the individual, even without considering signs such as our country's crisis is happening while other countries are experiencing crises and that discussion still is absent who to bring to justice in our country's courts, not the court(s) of a global body? Again, that's without those considerations. Now, how about with those considerations?

If certain things don't occur, the transportation of control from the public sphere, where at least we have some protection merely because of our numbers, to the private sphere will ensure each of us is a number -- and monitored.


Grammar Note:

Please notice my use of the commas in bold in these instances:

1) ...(ones involving the Distributor Effect, or Pyramid Scheme)....

2) ...say-so, or control, of....

The comma is meant to be read as "that is," a separation signaling what's after the comma is the clarified version of what's before the comma. The comma isn't meant to be read as an either-or statement, a statement without a comma. Most people who concern themselves with grammar know this rule. Most people who don't study grammar don't know this rule, leaving them reading text incorrectly and learning a difficult-to-break habit that causes confusion.

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton Forest Dutton, MD, in his 1916 book whose subject is origin (therefore what all healing methods involve and count on), simple and powerful.

Very nice. Ty for posting!

Very nice. Ty for posting!

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