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The Disney Conspiracy

OK, Nystrom ... you asked for it. ;-)

In another thread, you made a passing joke about how maybe even Disney is part of a "grand conspiracy."

I realize you were laughing at such a notion. But, secretly, weren't ya kinda wondering???

Do you REALLY wanna go down THAT particular rabbit hole?

Well ...

Someone out there in YouTube land did just that ... and it will BLOW YOUR MIND. Or at least, make you question all the more about just how damn far that ole rabbit hole goes.

But then, if you think about it ... *IF* there really is a grand conspiracy by some evil types to control other humans (of course, such things have never, ever happened before in human history, right? -- *cough* slavery ... *cough* mind control ... *cough* monopolies ... *cough* government ... *cough* serfdom) ... then it would stand to reason that "get 'em while they're young" might be an interesting idea for such evil types. And what better way to get 'em while they're young than through cuddly cartoons from Disney?

Well, with that thought in mind, I present this 2-hour documentary about just this very topic.

Enjoy (or not): "Wash Your Brain"


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A big theme in Disney that

A big theme in Disney that helps to control kids is the aspect of the parents dying and some fantasy character raises the children instead. Almost every Disney movie ever made starts with the main character having lost one or both parents.

I think they do this to psychologically train children to disregard their parents teachings and instead look to the Disney characters as the primary authority figures in their lives.

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.



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I have always wondered why cartoons contain

so much violence, videos games brutal, and movies get more violent. It serves to desensitize. See it often enough, your natural reaction stops working.

So you start to feel no empathy or compassion when you see something happen to a person or animal. It's like a cartoon. right? You may even giggle or laugh or make fun of the suffering.

Disney = Scummy

It's a blow to the well-programmed psyche -- I know, as a kid I went to Disneyworld about a dozen times.

Next, everyone take a look into filthy Bob Hope and "birdcages" and children in back seats of cars.

Icons gonna be crashing down...

I heard from this guy I know...

that some guy told a guy he knows, that Daily Paul is a subsidiary of Disney, and part of a grand conspiracy to turn the world into a "magical kingdom" ruled by Mickey the Rat himself!

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