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What Does The Start Of A Movement Look Like ?

By Silver VT :

What Does The Start Of A Movement Look Like ?


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By all means keep stacking, bear in mind

A big sell off could happen as silver creeps up and flood the market with a glut of silver. There are people that are buying just to sell off when it gets @ or near $50. Will the federal reserve ever raise the federal funds interest rate ever again? If it happens people will sell to deposit there cash in banks to collect interest.

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Keep Stacking Lysiandad

Interesting point about internet access and the amount of silver sold. For me, internet has little to do with it because my Dad had me on the lookout for silver from a young age and I don't buy much of it online, but I think it is a great point made. It is easy to find the information on pm's online and to purchase online.

The start of a movement? Well, the numbers speak for themselves don't they?

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Yup. I thought/felt the same

Yup. I thought/felt the same about his point.

Hence this post. :)

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