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US-NATO Backed Al Qaeda Terrorists Armed with WMD- Chemical Weapons against the Syrian People

Guess the NWO has nothing to hide and nothing to fear. The psychopaths are out in full view setting us up for looting savings accounts in Cyprus and New Zealand, the veiled threat by Bernanke that America "could" have the same fate, and chemical warfare against innocent people in Syria in order to install a puppet regime. And American tax payers are paying for it all including the empire building NWO wars and drones over America.

"After a 10 year war/occupation in Iraq, the death of over a million people including thousands of US soldiers, all based on patently false claims of the nation possessing “weapons of mass destruction,” (WMD), it is outrageous hypocrisy to see the West arming, funding, and politically backing terrorists in Syria who in fact both possess, and are now using such weapons against the Syrian people.

At least 25 are reported dead after a chemical weapons attack targeting Syrian soldiers was carried out by NATO-backed terrorists in the northern city of Aleppo."

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