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Daily Paul 2.0? The Hive Mind On High-Octane: The "Super" Forum! Infinite Level Idea Realization

Okay what this movement really needs is a SUPER FORUM.

There are lots of good ideas swirling around but they're getting lost in the noise. We need a new way to organize Daily Paul 2.0. With some bright minds in the programming dept the switch over might not even be that bad...

The Daily Paul is the forum. After this you just have topics. There are infinite levels of sub-topics. Say someone comes up with an idea about this or that, now I'm going to post a sub-topic off that idea about getting a group together to do this or that, or organize this project to make that upper-level idea happen.

Then there could be additional subtopics - or as many subtopics necessary to get the idea up the tree off an running. So basically the entire idea is a tree shape and the original idea creator is at the top of the tree :)

This little group of ideas gets together and then reports to the higher level idea, and so on and so fourth until the top-level idea creator creates the most awesome creation ever created!

Rinse... repeat... rinse... repeat.

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To what end?

Not to harsh your high or anything, and I appreciate that you're thinking about different ways to spread the message, so I'm not trying to dis you here.

But a forum is a means to an end, not the end itself. It is a means to spread information, facilitate communication, help to organize action.

An infinite level of subtopics... What would that mean?

There are already an incredible number of ideas floating around. But very few of them actually come into fruition. To actually realize an idea takes a lot of energy and manpower. But such a giant forum, to me, sounds like a labyrinth - something you might fall into and never get out of.

I don't think that there is a direct relationship - that more forums lead to more action. I'd be tempted to say that the opposite is true.

What I know is that there is only so much that one person can do. We are limited by physical constraints - time and energy. Ideas? I have a million. What I don't have is the time / energy / money to implement them.

So what is the end you're trying to achieve?

With an infinte level of subtopics you

would have a natural "hierarchy" of ideas flowing around. It would seem to be a good way of getting more organization going on as a lot of ideas get lost when you're always posting a new "thread" so to speak.

I'm not sure if it's a crappy idea or it just didn't get bumped in combination with 12th and whoever else he got to downvote this. That would be a nice feature too by the way. People shouldn't be able "stalk" others and go around and hit-and run all their comments and posts. If you're doing that it should prob not work after the third time or so that you're doing it.

Should be about the ideas not the personalities. After this is over I could care less about someone's personality - I don't have to hang out with them anymore.

Simple database tweak

Change the "forum" field to "parent."

These comments below. When anyone comments there could be a "subtopic" link on their comment and it says "user created a sub-topic" below their comment.

Everything is a topic

and then under the topic it would say "sub-topic of:" or you could go and post a totally new topic with it's own tree.