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Viral Song Destroys the War on Drugs

Wait for the second verse:

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I like this one much

I like this one much better:

I am such a guy

I haven't watched this yet, but I'm already favorably disposed towards it because of that thumbnail/image for the video.

Almost 7 million views on it.

Almost 7 million views on it. Nice.

Big dumb grin on my face Lol,

Big dumb grin on my face

Lol, didnt think i was gonna like it at first, good show sir, good show :D

Sometimes, when a government does a thing, you just gotta politely say.......


Ok that's good

Now when the people making videos like this stop including junk food and start promoting healthier ways to satiate (sativa-iate? hehe) the munchies, and when they stop begging for state control and taxation of a "weed", then we'll REALLY know they are awake.

As it was, I still totally dug it, and I'll be watching it again tonight with a buddy. ;-)

Awesome video but.......

kind of preaching to the choir with this one. Everyone who would view, and like this video more than likely already approves of legalization. We need to change the minds of older folks who believe it's morally mandatory to ban a plant made by the Lord Himself.

Love it!

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"The DEA is like...

yeah, they got Volcanos." hahahaha The CO and WA chick flippin' the bird: epic win!

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

Epic! I was actually really

Epic! I was actually really impressed with the production quality.

Here is a song about the CIA trafficking cocaine by Immportal Technique that is pretty good too:


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