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Rand Paul Signs Warmongering AIPAC Letter

Rand's fillibuster said was wonderful but then he immediatly follows up with calling for a social engineering federal ban on abortion and by signing this cringing pro-Israel letter.


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You don't

have the liberty to kill a person that can't speak for themselves.

Ron Paul believes this.

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul

Two Points, If I May...

Point the first...I did not raise an abortion or euthanasia issue.

Point the second...There was no reason to assume that I was even talking about Ron Paul.

Inescapable conclusion: Neither you nor I know what the hell you are talking about in relation to my original sarcastic comments about chess-master Rand...ninja-master Rand...master-tactician Rand...or hollow-horse-master Rand.

Three dimensional chess?

Three dimensional chess? Yeah....I remember that somebody used that line in 2012 to explain Jesse Benton's actions.

That was great.


He is at that... I applaud him!

More power to him. We need more victories for liberty and signing anything but a piece of legislation is just strategy... not a law!

Uh, Yeah, Great...

...but in case you missed it, my post was sarcasm-based disdain.

I was well aware of your post's intent... :)

Just took the opportunity to make lemonade out of store bought lemons! :)

My mistake. You've been here

My mistake. You've been here long enough to lampoon all the rationalizations effectively. Sometime it is hard to tell because they keep coming up like bad pennies.

not a...


his disappointments grow

his disappointments grow daily..... he is just going to led the libertarians back into the fold.... like obama did for all the dem/lefties that were outraged by bush.... who just sit on their hands and keep their mouth shut as mr O pushes forward with the same continuity of agenda.... it cant be fixed from the inside... even if he isnt compromised, do you really think they have no insurance policy in case somebody real gets in....??

Think for yourself......Question authority...

Mmm I thought that abortion

Mmm I thought that abortion would be banned at the Fed level but states would still be able to choose?

Michael Nystrom's picture

Banned at the federal level means banned, period.

It should be the other way around. The Feds stay out of it, and leave the states to decide their own policy.

It should be like that for everything except for national defense and the court system.

You're an idiot. So slavery

You're an idiot.
So slavery and murder should be left to the states????
abortion is murder.
if a state was to legalize murder the federal government would have the DUTY to step in and stop it!

Ah wait I was thinking of the

Ah wait I was thinking of the Sanctity of life Act. Rand should have just reintroduced his father's bill. That would have made much more sense.

Ron's Sanctity of Life Act is

Ron's Sanctity of Life Act is completely different. The words do not even imply a federal ban and, in fact, explicitly limit the rights of the courts to interfere with the rights of the states. Here is a provision of that Act:

"(2) the Congress recognizes that each State has the authority to protect lives of unborn children residing in the jurisdiction of that State."

Rand, by contrast, is proposing a federal ban. If he wants to leave it to the states, he is sure being mighty silent about it.

I agree. That's why I

I agree. That's why I suggested in my post above that you and others call his office, I did. However, I think you are off base about the letter as it is just a letter.

I'll take your advice.

I'll take your advice. Thanks.

This is EXACTLY WHY I will NEVER support Rand Paul

...besides his inner jealousy of his father, having played out in his own dad's election...

He is a despicable WARMONGER...period, end of story, folks.

He's learned NOTHING from his dad, if he hasn't learned that, but of course, it was the only way he could try to one-up him.

Also, don't be surprised if we read some day of inflated ego RAND being unfaithful to his pretty wife. I would NOT be surprised at that, especially when I see the good-looking helpers he's got!! Think the elites aren't thinking about that? They do everything they can to undermine these politicians, especially anyone who could possibly give them trouble in one category or the next.

There is clearly quite a lot

There is clearly quite a lot of resentment toward his father. Some interesting family dynamics there. Rand is always trying to show that the is "not his dad." This has been effective so far in winning conservative support but it can't last unless he completely and totally wants to go over to the dark side.

withdraw your consent....

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Think for yourself......Question authority...