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Bill Maher To Liberals In California "You could actually lose me"

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Do NOT encourage the Cali-contagion, liberal pandemic &

the NYC pestilence. The problem with them leaving once they have destroyed a state with their liberal polices is they flee their mess, find a freer place to infect, then destroy the freedom of their new environment, and create another mess for those who live in that state.

We need to quarentine Austin, Colorado, Montana, and prevent them from spreading. We need to ship those idiots back and force them to deal with their dystopia.

That's pretty much what I

That's pretty much what I fear for New Hampshire. We get a lot of refugees from Massachusetts moving here and of course they continue with the voting patterns that destroyed their state. In Massachusetts they pay their legislators $60,000 a year. In New Hampshire we pay them $100 a year. Guess who gets the better laws?


is a corporate stooge spewing complex deceit for bankster owned propaganda bosses.

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Once things move from the theoretical, to the actual, people begin to understand.

This is why young people are always the revolutionaries. They have theories that they are fully invested in, without the benefit of having experienced them.

Look at the Communist revolution in China, for example. Sounded great on paper. But it was a horror in reality.

Yes just like the Bird, the Mouse and The Sausage

your point covered in this instructive Grimms Brothers fairy tale


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I Liked The Comment

about the dude with the glasses being an idiot!


Hes an actor. Hes in the

Hes an actor. Hes in the same profession as Bill Oreilly, Beck, and Rosanne Bar. Please stop taking these people so seriously.

Hippocrate? Do you mean

Hippocrate? Do you mean hypocrite? Hippocrates is the name of a greek doctor and an oath doctors take..

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

It's also used

Oh Yeah, oops LMAO